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Jesus is Enough

Searching Mormons Need You!

This is a significant moment to reach hundreds of thousands of searching souls. To seize this critical opportunity, we are launching a new extension of our ministry: Jesus is Enough.

There is a mass exodus of souls leaving Mormonism.

For years they have been told by their leaders to ignore uncomfortable and conflicting questions about historical, social, or spiritual issues in their church.


"Put those things that cause you to have doubts on the shelf. You will figure them out after you die. Doubt your doubts."

But for many, these metaphorical shelves are packed so full that they inevitably collapse under the weight of doubt. As a result, many Mormons today are left examining the broken pieces of their beliefs, wondering if there is anything worth salvaging.

This is a significant moment to reach hundreds of thousands of searching souls.

Many want to believe, but don’t know what to believe. Because they are surrounded by the voices of burned and bitter ex-Mormons, they don’t meet Jesus. As a result, as many as 70% become atheist.

YOU can change that!



To seize these critical opportunities, we are developing a new extension of our ministry: Jesus Is Enough. Here you can help share unique stories of individuals who have left Mormonism and found hope in Jesus:



Jake was thirsting for something that could truly satisfy and was given living water.



Cari found relief from an impossible burden she could no longer carry.



Janae was surrounded by confusing voices until Jesus’ voice cut through with exactly what she needed.



Tiana felt she was never good enough until she found forgiveness in Jesus.



Nick struggled with regrets from the past until he discovered grace.

Our Timeline


Ex-Mormon Stories

Connect with ex-Mormon, biblical Christians to share their stories and guide this project.


Early 2023

Video Interviews

Record ex-Mormon video interviews to be featured content. 

Early 2023

Mid 2023

Online Presence

Develop infrastructure for a new online presence.

Mid 2023

Late 2023


Develop communication and promotional platforms to support these searching souls.

Late 2023

Early 2024


Launch and promote Jesus is Enough to reach these searching souls.

Early 2024

We Need Your Help.

These plans need special gifts from friends like you for:

Ongoing, at-the-door field research.


Travel and recording.


Professional production, sound and video editing.


Online presence and distribution channels.


Launch events to support Christians in their witness.


Promotion of new resources to reach these searching souls.


Support staff so no cry for help goes unanswered.


Initiative Goal:

Here's How You Can Help.


Give a special gift of support to reach these searching souls.


Pray God would use this to reach a mighty harvest.


Promote this new outreach ministry to other mission-minded Christians.

You Can Help Searching Souls.

For many, their religious beliefs have been shattered. They no longer believe in Mormonism, but don’t know where to turn. They need Christian friends like you to help them rebuild on the solid foundation of Christ alone.



Clara feels impossibly trapped between her family and God. If she shares her doubts with her husband, she might lose her family. Stuck and afraid, she doesn’t know what to do.



Jayson’s entire construct of God was found in Mormonism. Now, it has all come crashing down and he doesn’t know what to believe. Filled with regret, he wonders if it’s still possible to know God and be loved by him.



Hannah is busy striving to meet impossible expectations. Her leaders keep emphasizing “just try harder,” but she’s beginning to realize her best efforts still fall far short. Overwhelmed by obligations, she is desperate for relief.



Layton can’t believe he was deceived for so long. He is disgusted by all the time, energy and resources he wasted. He wonders how he can find spiritual truth without getting deceived again.

“There was a very short period of time when I had one foot out of the door of Mormonism. Without the support of a Christian friend, I would have become atheist.”

— Hayley

You can help them discover Jesus is Enough.
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