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Testimonial: Nathan’s Story

I was daunted at the thought of inviting LDS missionaries over to talk with them. Thousands of questions flew around in my mind, but they always revolved around this one question—what am I going to say? I had conversed with LDS members before and didn’t know what to say. How will this be any different? That was two months ago. Today, the words on my lips are, “God is great.” He has blessed me in many ways. I don’t always have the right words to say or say them in the most eloquent ways, but God comforts me in the fact that he uses clay jars, just like me, to proclaim his saving message.

The first thing Pastor Cares told me to do was get a friend to come along so we would be a team talking to the missionaries. What great advice! Matt has been an awesome partner. It relieves the pressure of always having to be the one talking or asking questions. Matt also has a completely different way of approaching topics or ideas so it adds a fantastic dynamic that I would not be able to add myself. I love talking to him about our discussions, sharing our ups and downs. We grow together as we learn how to evangelize LDS missionaries.

We talk to Pastor Cares before almost every meeting we have with the missionaries. I love this. He is our coach. He knows the plays. He knows how people have done it in the past. He knows what strategies to use. More than that, he is an eager encourager with great passion for the ministry to the LDS. How wonderful to talk and be encouraged like this before every meeting.

One of the greatest challenges and joys of talking and sharing faith with the LDS is that you really get to study your Bible. Many times, I have had to relearn the precious simple truths of salvation, searching the Scriptures, gathering passages and support material. My faith has blossomed in the process. Meeting the LDS drives you into God’s Word and there is no better place to be.

Not only have I learned more doctrine and have grown in my faith, I have learned to articulate it better. When you talk to the LDS, terminology is paramount. Many of the doctrines and themes the LDS use are convoluted and so you have to learn how to lovingly and patiently explain, illustrate, and proclaim the truths you rest upon. It’s hard at first. Don’t be afraid to mess up. You can always revisit topics during the next visit. The important thing is to kindly persevere in your proclamation of the true Gospel.

Most importantly, you get to share the true Gospel with people who really need it. Matt and I have visited with our pair of missionaries six times. We are now friends. We have discussed many deep and important topics with them. We have also laughed and joked around before and after talks. These missionaries are now our friends – which is all the more reason to share the gospel. God loved them before we did and we want them to know the true extent of God’s love for them.

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