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Truth In Love Ministry
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Request a mission speaker! Truth in Love Ministry representatives are available to share more about the exciting ways the message of Jesus' love is reaching hearts...and how you can be a part of it! We offer mission presentations (introduction to Truth in Love Ministry), training seminars (in-depth look at how to reach Mormons), conference/workshop speakers (focused on sharing your faith) as well as other venues. Contact us to see how we can assist you.

Support to offset travel/lodging costs makes these presentations possible. Honorarium and/or gifts to Truth in Love Ministry are appreciated. Financial considerations can be handled on a case by case basis. Organizations are also invited to become a Mission Partner where they will receive regular updates and encouragement. 

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Helping your church members become


Christians—and even whole churches—often struggle with fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission in their own backyard. Where do we start? How can we get more people involved?

We can help!

With 35 years of experience witnessing to Mormons, Pastor Mark Cares has developed a distinctive, biblical approach to address the unique challenges—and opportunities—of witnessing to Mormons.

We consistently find that when groups of Christians train with Truth in Love Ministry, they inevitably find greater courage and confidence in sharing their faith with ANYONE.

Here’s how we help the members of your church to actually witness—rather than just talk about it.

Step 1 – We teach you five simple, time-tested, powerful witnessing principals.

1. See Mormons as victims, not enemies.

2. Treat Mormons with genuine love and respect.

3. Focus on Mormon stress points.

4. Speak the Mormon language.

5. Witness Christ rather than debate Mormonism.

Step 2 – We proactively connect you to a specific audience so that you can practice.

Step 3 – We provide ongoing, practical support. This includes 1:1 mentoring as well as websites with tons of practical tips, strategies and witness stories.

We want to help you!

Truth in Love Ministry offers a variety of Bible classes, presentations, and training experiences. Our training helps Christians like you to have productive discussions and lead to witnessing Christ.

In turn, your church can have the opportunity to support the efforts of this unique, GO-oriented, outreach ministry.

We believe in putting together a custom plan that meets the needs of you, the members of your church, and your overall ministry goals. Here are a number of potential scenarios to give you a picture of how Truth in Love Ministry can help you—and how we might partner together.


Scenario 1

  • Sunday morning Bible class

  • Ministry and witnessing materials for members to become further involved

  • 5 members participate in the UT outreach campaign

  • 10 members sign up for weekly witnessing tips

  • Video updates from TILM

  • Sponsor a Truth in Love Ministry Sunday when members are encouraged to make financial gifts or commitments.

  • The TILM Team will support your ministry with prayer.

Scenario 2

  • Guest Preacher

  • Sunday am Bible class

  • Christian School chapel devotion

  • 10 members join TILM Prayer Ministry

  • 1 small group studying THE CORE witness training

  • Make a financial commitment or special mission goal for Truth in Love Ministry above and beyond your church's budget.

  • The TILM Team will support your ministry with prayer.


Scenario 3

  • Two-hour training presentation

  • Ministry and witnessing materials for members to become further involved

  • 20 members join TILM Prayer Ministry

  • 10 members participate in Please Open the Door

    • Each receives personal mentoring

  • 10 members sign up for weekly witnessing tips

  • 5 members participate in the UT outreach campaign

  • 5 small groups studying THE CORE witness training

  • Video updates from TILM

  • Include Truth in Love Ministry in your church's annual budget.

  • The TILM Team will support your ministry with prayer.

Truth in Love Ministry does not receive funding from any Church body. We are 100% supported by friends and churches like you who are passionate about sharing the gospel.