Truth in Love Ministry is being blessed by the outreach campaigns we conduct every summer in Utah and the Please Open the Door initiative. One of the greatest blessings is learning through experience how to refine and simplify our approach. We are passing this information on to more and more Christians who are now boldly exercising their faith and bringing the message of the true gospel to Mormons.

The key is focusing on the basics.

When Truth in Love Ministry trains Christians to be God’s messengers, we attempt to incorporate four prevailing thoughts to help simplify our approach and method. They are:

  1. Trust that God’s Word works

It is God’s will that all people come to a saving knowledge of His promises – this includes Mormons (1 Tim. 2:4). The only possible way for any soul to receive faith is through the power of God’s Word. The business of a Christian is to bring the message of law and gospel and trust that God is working through his Word. The only way for a Mormon to begin to appreciate the gospel is first to be confronted with the seriousness of sin. And then we bring the gospel, the good news of Christ’s redemptive work, which is the power of God for the salvation of sinners (Romans 1:16). Trusting solely in the effectiveness of God’s Word, a Christian will always try to focus their conversations on God’s wrath and grace.

  1. Stick to one topic at a time

There is a great tendency to open up the entire faucet of God’s Word and overwhelm a Mormon with a number of Bible verses. Instead, focus on one topic at a time. For example, we teach that if the topic is forgiveness, then stick to the topic and not be tempted to go off on a tangent and talk about other subjects that have little to do with sin or salvation.

  1. You don’t have to be an expert

Christians do not have to be an expert on the teachings of Mormonism or be a trained theologian to share God’s Word. Instead, our focus is pointing a Mormon to the basic, simple truths of God’s Word and do this in a way that is non-threatening, respectful, and with a sincere love for their soul.

  1. It’s not about us

When Christians are asked to consider sharing their faith with others, fear is a common response. Every Christian battles with doubts, nerves, or misgivings. At Truth in Love Ministry, we remind Christians that its not about us. We teach them to take the focus off of themselves and place it entirely on God’s promises.

By using our approach, more Christians are overcoming their natural tendencies to fear, and growing in confidence to be Christ’s witnesses. As they use God’s Word in their witnessing, they are also receiving the blessing of growing and maturing in their own faith.

Remember: Stick to the basics when sharing the truth of God’s Word with Mormons. It’s a formula that will enable every Christian to discover the joy of planting the seeds of the gospel.