When God Asks Us to Do a Favor


All Christians are given a commission. They are to go, teach, baptize, and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Instead of looking at this commission as a command, I think believers can look at this in a completely different way.

Instead of obeying a command, I suggest that Christians can see carrying out the Great Commission as doing a God a favor.

Are we still justified by faith if we do not share God's Word with others? Is our salvation in jeopardy if we fail to go, teach, and baptize? Of course not. By faith alone we receive the full benefit of what Christ has already done for us on the cross.

But what if our next door neighbor came by our house and asked to borrow a cup of sugar? Most of us would gladly allow them to have a cup of sugar. Why? Because it a nice and neighborly thing to do.

If your mother asks you to drop by the grocery store and pick up a few items for her, would you do it? Most of us would comply. Why? Because we love our mother!

What if the state governor personally calls you on the phone and asks a favor to represent your state at a national conference in Washington D.C.? Even if we chose to decline the governor's invitation, most people would be honored by the request.

Let's say that God asks you a favor. Would you do it?

What if God is grabbing us by the elbow and asking if we could deliver a message for Him. Maybe He wants us to know that there is a person He has set aside just for us -- a divine appointment that seems like a chance meeting. Instead of commissioning us, perhaps God wants us to accept an invitation to plant the seeds of God's Word. He is asking if we are willing to deliver a message at just the right time and just the right place.

The Great Commission is an invitation to participate in a great adventure. In His wisdom, God chooses to use people like us to be His messengers. He desires for us to play a part in that miraculous journey of faith. And by doing, believers receive the opportunity to exercise their faith and grow in areas they never thought possible.

In the three examples given above, we discover three reasons why a person would do a favor -- even for someone they don't even know. We can apply those same reasons why a believer would do a favor for God.

#1        We do a favor for God because He asks us.

We are asked by God to love our neighbor as our self. One of the greatest ways to show our love is to not only allow them to borrow a cup of sugar, but sharing God's Word with them as well.

#2        We do a favor for God because we love Him.

We love because God first loved us. Sharing God's Word with them is one way of expressing our love for Him. We are doing Him a favor that is far greater than stopping by the grocery store for a loved one.

#3        We do a favor for God because we are honored to be asked.

Almighty God, the Creator of the universe, the King of Kings, has asked us to represent Him -- to be His ambassador in a foreign land. We are honored that God has sought us out and be individually asked to deliver a very important message about what He has done.

Perhaps there is more to the Great Commission than we had thought.

There is no greater love to express, no better way to love our neighbor, no more important message than to share the message of grace with others.

We are not only doing God a favor, but we are doing an eternal favor for that lost soul God has designated for us.