Utah in the Rear View Mirror

Written by Brent Nemmers  


It has been several weeks since I returned from my first TILM mission trip to Utah. I wish I could say I have sustained the level of enthusiasm I had when I was there, but the Old Man is always throwing up roadblocks. The press of ‘normal’ takes its toll. But how could you sustain it at home? When you are in the field, you are surrounded by other witnesses, eager to share the Word, rejoicing each day in the opportunity to share a message with people who have never heard the Gospel before. You are surrounded by daily Bible study and are listening to numerous ‘sermons’ that you and your witnessing partner ‘preach’ to those lost in Mormonism. You are surrounded by a vast harvest field that you understand better each day through training and experience.

Despite that, there are some things the experience taught me (or reinforced) that I hope to keep in mind as I return to ‘normal’:

• The importance and privilege of intercessory prayer; • That witnessing is not a once-a-year activity; • The need to respect and understand those with whom you attempt to share the Gospel; • The value God places on each individual and the price he was willing to pay for each and every person you meet; • That those lost in unbelief are not enemies, they are prisoners that the Gospel can free; • The importance of letting your light shine when witnessing—it is serious business, but that should not keep your joy from showing as you share those precious truths.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means.

I treasure the opportunity I had to reach out to LDS members and others with the Truth in love; the new friendships I gained by working with and training with the other TILM missionaries; and the blessing of spending time with my daughter sharing God’s Word and having it shared with me. There is no price I could put on those things. Soli Deo gloria!