Utah 2015-Day 3

Written by Norma Schmidt

witnessing-to-mormons. jpg

Here we are again!! In Salt Lake City, some of us for the 4th time, some of us for the first time, to sow seeds of the Gospel. We are here to share of peace and joy in the wonderful news that we are saved through the work of Jesus and that we don't have to do ANYTHING to be worthy in Heavenly Father's sight.

As simple as this statement is and as self-evident as is to many of us who have grown up in our Christian homes, this message is being shared with hundreds of Mormons this week who have  never heard it.

How do they react?

Not with the joy and relief we would expect someone who is relying on his own good works, someone who strives daily to feel worthy in Heavenly Father's sight. Oh, yes, there are those reactions, but they are few and far between. More often, we hear that they believe the same as we do. Then we try to show them with love and respect that our understanding of Christ's worthiness is ALL we need and that we do not have to do anything.

Sometimes we are just told, "We are LDS and very happy in our church. Thank you for stopping by." Sometimes we knock on someone's door who wants to really argue with us and then we continue to return to our simple Gospel message, knowing that we are just sowing that seed of the Gospel and that it is ALL up to the Holy Ghost to take it from there.

I ask you to  to keep the Truth in Love Ministry missionaries and those whom we are sharing that Gospel message with in your prayers.