Unsheathing the Sword of the Spirit


On the final day of our campaign in Utah this summer, I was presented with a memento from the Truth in Love Ministry missionaries that still hangs in my office at home. It’s a soft foam rubber sword that serves as a reminder of the spiritual focus we had throughout our week of going door-to-door in Provo. We were spiritual warriors resting on the promises of God’s Word.

A soldier going into battle will recognize the importance of having an effective weapon. In confronting the enemy, a poorly equipped soldier will have very little chance of victory.

Missionaries view their work in the same way. They not only need to have the right weapons, they must also recognize that they are entering a battle every time an opportunity comes to share the message of the gospel. The weapons they choose will make all the difference. The Bible says, “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God….”

When missionaries are placed in a position to share God’s Word against unbelief, especially if they are trying to reach those lost in the culture and false teachings of Mormonism, it is not a battle of intellect, but something far different.  It is an all-out assault to demolish a stronghold of the devil. The only weapon at a missionary’s disposal that can possibly work is the sword of the Spirit. This weapon is the Word of God.

When a missionary is equipped with the sword of the Holy Spirit, they are able to effectively slice consciences that are mired in prideful attitudes opposing itself to Christ. In doing so, they also unleash themselves from the strands of their own inadequacies that can either restrain them from sharing the truth or cause overwhelming frustration or fear.

All Christians can utilize the same strategies of missionaries when it comes to evangelism. It is during these times that we can go to the Lord and pray, “Lord Jesus Christ, what an encouragement it is to know that as I share my faith with others, I have such a powerful weapon in Your Word. Many times it feels like I’m going up against a mighty stronghold of the devil. Help me to persevere and to remember the weapons that I have on my side. Thank You for Your encouragement. Amen.”