There is no business like God’s business


In the business of converting lost souls, Christians often make the mistake of taking ownership or responsibility for success. When a person rejects the gospel, perhaps we think that it’s our fault. When a person receives the gospel message and comes to faith in the real Christ, perhaps we take too much credit. The pressure we place on ourselves for success and failure can often cause us to not say anything at all.

At Truth in Love Ministry, we remind Christians to mind our own business.

God has commissioned all believers to go, teach, baptize, and proclaim to the world what Christ has already done for us. That is our responsibility. That is our privilege. That is our joyful business -- delivering the message of salvation and being God’s ambassador to the world.

Our business is to deliver the message. God’s business is to work a miracle of faith.

It’s all about trusting God that he will do his work – according to his purpose, his timing, and his divine will.

Here are three ways we can fully trust God’s business.

  1. It is God’s business or work to bring the miracle of faith in our lives.
  2. It is God’s business or work for us to grow and mature in the faith through the power of his Word. A Christian responds by taking full advantage of this opportunity.
  3. It is God’s business or work to bring the miracle of faith to those dead in sin – no matter how lost they seem to be.

In the business of sharing God’s Word with Mormons, Christians have a strong tendency to focus on the end result rather than the process. Instead of planting seeds of hope, we tend to plant seeds of discouragement when we do not see the end result of a Mormon coming to faith as a result of our prayers and efforts. When God doesn’t meet our timetable, we have trouble processing the disappointment.

When I travel and make presentations, Christians will ask me, “How many Mormons have come to faith from the Utah campaign?” “How many Mormon missionaries have come to faith since Please Open the Door started last fall?”

These are good questions. They are not asked from a heart of judgement, but a heart hungry for success. But these questions are like asking, “How many earthquakes have you caused this year in California?” “How many people did you rise from the dead?”


I can’t control earthquakes, nor can I resuscitate people to life. Only God can.

In the meantime, I can give messages of warning on how to respond to earthquakes. I can also give messages of God’s Word and relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to bring the spiritually dead to life. These are activities I can control.

A Christian cannot win the soul of a Mormon – that is God’s business. What we can win is their attention – but treating them with love and respect. Once this bridge is crossed, we are granted opportunities to present the true teachings of God’s Word in a way they can understand. That is something we can control. That is minding our business that God calls us to do.

There is no business like God’s business.

A Christian can take great comfort and joy in this truth.