The Week After……..

Written by Eileen Rosenow


I still see their faces……Ranae, Heather, Stephen, Tammy, Ashley, Justin, Tonya, Ben.  We talked with these wonderful people at length last week about the perfection our Savior Jesus has already attained for them.  All listened politely, some with intent gazes, as if they had never heard this message before.  And, most likely, they haven’t.  Ashley’s countenance was one of sadness and hopelessness, her appearance and home unkempt.  3 bright-eyed young children gathered around her at the door.  She listened politely to our words, and seemed not to want us to leave.  Husband William sat uninterestedly on the sofa.  We are sending her a Seeker’s and a Children’s Bible, praying that the Words of Life and Hope take root in their hearts.

Other people were visibly moved, incredulous to hear that forgiveness is certain and immediate for those who fully trust in what Christ has accomplished for them.  Ben appeared bothered and aloof at first, but his eyes never left mine and his lips quavered as I shared what Jesus has already done for him. What pressures or sins might he been thinking of?  Can this Good News be true?

Justin and Tonya told me they personally have no need for religion.  They’re right, but they desperately need a Savior.  Praying that they visit to learn of Him who loved them before they were born.

Can you imagine your young adult child being drawn into the Mormon church, preparing to go on her LDS mission?  This is Christian mom Tammy’s reality and a great source of conflict between her and her daughter.  Tammy so wants to get out of Provo…..and her daughter to get out of Mormonism.  We were blessed to be of comfort to her.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet Heather, a former addict, baptized Lutheran (of all things!) answering our knock Wednesday morning.  Wanting nothing to do with Mormonism, she is, nevertheless, trying to maintain good relations with her LDS neighbors.   We provided info on and hope she checks out Time of Grace internet/TV messages for encouragement.

The stories continue.  So often we heard, “Yes, Jesus atoned for our sins, but we need to do our part” or, “We believe the same things you do.”  Gently, lovingly, we would explain the differences between Biblical Christianity and the teachings of the LDS church, trusting that God will tend those little seeds of His Word, and bring forth faith in the hearts of His precious people in Provo and American Fork.

So, I welcome these lingering memories of faces and conversations.  I hope they stick around awhile.  I am already so looking forward to returning next year.   I never thought I would do something like this, but it was an experience like no other; working with awesome TILM brothers and sisters in Christ, witnessing to gracious people, and leaving with your own faith on fire for the Lord!  I am no great speaker, only God’s mouthpiece.  It isn’t about me but what God can do through me.  How will you let Him use you, to reach the lost?