The importance of establishing the Bible to be reliable is important when sharing God's Word with a Mormon.


The Bible clearly tells us that only through the power of God's Word can a person receive faith. Trusting in this promise, Truth in Love Ministry incorporates an approach that relies solely on proclaiming the truth of God's Word to Mormons.

Quite often, when sharing God's Word with a Mormon, a Christian needs to be prepared to establish the Bible as the definitive and authoritative source for truth. Mormons have a deep respect for the King James Version of the Bible and consider it as Scripture along with the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.

The LDS Church teaches that the Bible is the Word of God “as far as it is translated correctly." They consider the Bible as unreliable by claiming that human error must have occurred when it was "compiled, organized, translated, and transcribed." As a result, many "plain and precious truths" have been lost. Joseph Smith "restored" the gospel by providing the missing parts that were lost. As a result, the Bible is translated correctly only when LDS Scriptures back it up. (Scriptural Witnesses, by Russell M. Nelson, Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, General Conference, October 2007)

When sharing God's Word with Mormons, Christians ought to be ready to declare with confidence that the Bible is a reliable and absolute source of truth for several reasons:

1.         Because God says so

We can trust God's promise that He has given us all we need for our salvation. The Word of God is "flawless" (Prov. 30:5) and "trustworthy" (Titus 1:9, Prov. 19:7). We are given enough information for us to be "wise for salvation" and thoroughly equipped to do good works (1 Timothy 3:15-16). The authority of God's Word is so important, that Scriptures goes to great length to warn believers of false prophets.

2.         The Bible is a historically reliable document

Secular historians treat the Bible as a reliable source of history. It over qualifies itself in meeting all the standards necessary to be considered as such. Furthermore, there are literally thousands of ancient and authentic manuscripts. The study of textual criticism goes into extensive detail on determining transcribing errors from the Bible manuscripts to make sure there is an accurate record.

3.         Archaeological discoveries back up its claims

Important archaeological findings have given clear evidence that the Bible we have today is the same Bible during the time of the first century church. One of the most significant findings is the Dead Sea Scrolls. On the scrolls that predates the time of Christ, the exact words found on the ancient scrolls miraculously matches up with the current Bible.

A Mormon's claim that human errors have caused the Bible to be an unreliable source is simply false. It is a claim that needs to be refuted early with love and respect when sharing God's Word with them. For many Mormons, it will be the first time they have heard reasons why a person can trust the words of the Bible to be true.

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