I’m already perfect in Christ!


“I’m already perfect in Christ!”

There is a simple phrase a Christian can use to plant the seed of God’s Word in the heart of a Mormon. This phrase proclaims the promises of God and what Christ has already done for us in a way Mormons can understand. More importantly, we can pique their curiosity. Due to the stresses of trying to be a faithful and worthy Mormon in order to receive the full forgiveness of their sins, they will be interested to learn more. They may ask you a question of how it’s possible to be perfect in this mortal life. Their question opens the door to share that by faith alone, a Christian receives all the benefits of what Christ has done for us. This includes the full forgiveness of sins, full worthiness before God, and the status of perfection.

This week, I travelled throughout Minnesota and South Dakota. During my presentation, I encouraged Christians to be prepared to give an answer for the trust we have in Christ by using this phrase. When prepared, we are far more open to take advantage of the unique opportunities God gives us.  Whether our doctor who is a Mormon, a neighbor, or a Mormon missionary who knocks on our door, we can plants the seeds of the gospel by defining our Christian faith in this way. To help Christians at the presentation, I have them repeat after me, “I’m already perfect in Christ.” Instead of being tongue-tied or questioning what to say, they are now equipped to share their faith with a Mormon.

For example, a Christian can say to a Mormon,

“I know that faith is very important to you and it’s important to me. I would enjoy the opportunity to share with each other about our faith. When I study the Bible, I receive great comfort and assurance in trusting God’s promises. Perhaps the greatest promise in the Bible is what Christ has already done for me. I receive wonderful assurance knowing that I’m already perfect in Christ, because of Him. What about you?”

Teenagers are great witnesses!

This week, I had the opportunity to teach the religions classes at Great Plains Lutheran High School in Watertown, SD (www.gplhs.org) and the juniors and senior religion classes at Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School in New Ulm, MN. (www.mvl.org)

I am learning and observing that teenagers are great witnesses. They are fearless. They are passionate. They are eager to get behind a cause. They embrace opportunities to exercise responsibility, grow in their faith, and tackle challenges. I believe they desire to be looked upon as capable. And one of the greatest decisions a church or an organization can make is to provide opportunities for teenagers to play significant roles in the mission of the church.

I know because I saw that eagerness to serve while visiting several hundred teenagers this week.

Truth in Love Ministry invites congregations to sponsor a teenager to come and participate in our mission campaign this summer in Utah. They will not only do a great job in planting the seeds of the gospel, but they will be impacted spiritually by the experience.

To find out more information, please send an email to tilm@tilm.org.

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