Putting Truth in Love into Action: Our Story

Written by Linda Buxa (We are excited to introduce Linda Buxa, a new guest blogger for Truth in Love Ministry. Learn more about Linda at the end of the post. Today she shares how the Truth in Love Ministry approach helped shape the witness of her and her husband.)


Before my husband and I got married, he was stationed on an island in Alaska and had a heart for the mission of TILM (Truth in Love Ministry). Because missionaries weren’t allowed to go fishing, Greg made them salmon or halibut and worked through the steps outlined in Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons. Eventually, because of all the questions this raised, the bishop informed the young men they were no longer allowed to come to his apartment. Still, Greg was persistent. Every time the commercial came on to “Call today for a Book of Mormon,” he would.

As soon as we got married and I moved to Kodiak, I—by default—took on part of this work.

We hadn’t been married that long when, after calling for another copy of the Book of Mormon, we saw a car come down our driveway, and—no kidding!—the woman opened the door, ducked, and ran to our door. She dropped the book and ran, crouching, all the way back. After all, we had ordered it and they had to deliver it, but they didn’t want us to see them. It seemed his opportunity to witness there had ended.

Years later, we lived in California. As Greg biked home from work one day, he saw Mormon missionaries on their bikes and invited them over for dinner. Of course, they agreed. In fairness, Greg did give them a heads-up that we were members of a church and that our parochial school principal and brand-new pastor were going to be there too.

I was shocked that they accepted. Apparently, food trumps knowing that someone already has a church and probably won’t be swayed. Still, that evening went well and every time they were near our house they stopped by.

By now, we knew our strengths. I would make the food, Greg would do the talking. My husband knows the exact process outlined in the book and would walk through it flawlessly. Meanwhile, I couldn’t understand how the word “grace” didn’t mean the same thing to them, so under the guise of checking on the kids, I’d leave the room, page through the book, and refresh myself on the “script.”

Here’s the thing, we didn’t do anything big—and we never saw if what we did had long-term results. Still, we did what we could. I made sure young men had a place to eat or get cookies while Greg spoke the truth and prayed that the Holy Spirit would use those words to work in their hearts.

That’s the beauty of truth in love. Simply by opening your door and speaking the truth in love, someday the doors of heaven might be opened to them too.

To learn more about witnessing to Mormon missionaries, please visit: PleaseOpenTheDoor.com

About the Author: Linda is a writer and editor. She is married to Greg, whose career in the Coast Guard took them from Alaska to Washington D.C. to California. After retiring from the military, they and their three children moved to Wisconsin. You can read more from Linda at http://www.timeofgrace.org/blog.