New Initiative to Share God's Word with Mormon Missionaries


Have you ever wondered what to say when Mormon missionaries appear at your door?

Is it frightening to think of sharing God's Word with Mormon missionaries?

At Truth in Love Ministry, we believe that it's not only possible to plant the seeds of God's Word in LDS missionaries, but they are reachable!

In a recent article published by The Atlantic, "Putting Eternal Salvation in the Hands of 19 Year-Old Missionaries"  the author gives an inside look at the pressures, motivations, and stresses associated with being a Mormon missionary. They are not only spiritually hungry while serving on their mission, but they can be influenced and receptive to Christians who express love, concern, and the truths of God's Word. These young men and women are the next generation of LDS leaders and a great opportunity exists to share the real gospel of Jesus Christ.

From the number of conversations we have had with returning missionaries, current missionaries, and even former missionaries who have become Christian, we have developed a program to equip Christians on how to witness to Mormon missionaries.

It's called Please Open the Door.

This new initiative just launched a new website,, where Christians can find out how to witness. Truth in Love Ministry will also provide opportunities to stand by Christians by providing coaching, encouragement, and training. The website includes a log-in that will enable people to access additional information and be assigned a coach. This new initiative received plenty of testing with dozens of Christians inviting LDS missionaries into their homes. Without hesitation, our approach and method works!

When you visit the website, the main page will offer the following articles:

Our Approach: Acting in Love and Speaking in Truth

What about 2 John 10-11?

Can I do this? Should I do this?

Why share God's Word with Mormon missionaries?


With God's help and careful instruction by Truth in Love Ministry, you will feel ready and equipped to share the gospel with Mormon missionaries.

It is our prayer that thousands of Christians like yourself will take advantage of this new initiative.

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