Know the Language of Mormonism


One of the greatest frustrations in sharing God's Word with Mormons is when they always agree with you. Whether the topic is about salvation, grace, or faith, a Mormon will typically respond, "Well, we believe the same as you do!"

Are Mormons Christian? Do they really believe in the same teachings of the Bible? How do you get past the logjam of apparent agreement?

The brilliance behind the teachings of Mormonism is that they use the same terms as biblical Christianity. On the surface, the LDS Church appears Christian. Upon closer examination, there are dramatic differences between the two.

In other words, when a Christian uses terms like salvation, grace, and forgiveness, a Mormon will have a completely different understanding of the same term.

To overcome the frustration of apparent agreement when sharing God's Word with Mormons, Truth in Love Ministry strongly encourages Christians to learn the language of Mormonism. An important component of witnessing is taking the time to define common Christian terms. Once there is a general understanding between what the Bible teaches versus Mormonism, the air is cleared to share the gospel message in way that a Mormon can understand. Surprisingly, for many Mormons, this could be the first time they have ever heard the true gospel.

Truth in Love Ministry is pleased to introduce a comprehensive project on to help Christians learn the language of Mormonism.  Entitled "The Dictionary of Mormonism," this project provides short definitions to common terms associated with LDS teaching. For many of the words, we draw a comparison by providing a short definition from Biblical Christianity. We believe by referring to these terms, and utilizing them as point of discussion with Mormons, a Christian will receive wonderful opportunities to share the gospel.

A good example is the term "forgiveness."

“The Lord commands us to repent of our sins and seek His forgiveness. He also commands us to forgive those who offend or hurt us. ..Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can receive forgiveness for our sins through sincere and complete repentance.” (True to the Faith, p. 70)

Mormonism teaches that the forgiveness of sins is conditional and that a person must earn God’s forgiveness through an ongoing and thorough process of repentance. Typically, whenever the topic of forgiveness is introduced in the teachings of Mormonism, they focus on the need for Mormons to forgive others as one component of the process of repentance.

Biblical Christianity teaches:God extends forgiveness to all people and is based entirely on Christ’s work. People receive instead of earn the forgiveness of sins by placing their trust and confidence in the completed work of Christ. Faith is the only instrument that accepts the gift of full forgiveness from God. All believers in Christ are fully reconciled with God and deemed worthy of eternal life."   (Dictionary of Mormonism,

Visit "Dictionary of Mormonism" on and take the time to review the definitions. By doing so, you will be able to provide a clearer picture of the gospel message.

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