I remember a young mother “Cynthia”

Written by Duayne Weiler


This has been an incredible week in Utah, sharing the Gospel in the heart of Mormon country!  Our team had some incredible stories to tell and it is obvious that the Holy Spirit is working among us as we witnessed in Provo and American Fork!  And getting to know the wonderful people from all walks of life that came together and going out two by two, just like the disciples of old!  What a thrill!   God’s Word is powerful (dynamite) and I experienced first hand how powerful it is.

I remember a young mother “Cynthia” who stood in the doorway of her home listening and asking questions.  There were three or four young children in the background and she appeared to be somewhat stressed.  Scott and I carefully explained that she can be assured that she is forgiven by Heavenly Father and 100% worthy right now.  There is nothing more for her to do, because God has done it all.  She leaned against the door jam and thoughtfully looked over the tri fold we had given her. I assured her that Jesus blood, which is his “robe of righteousness” covers her and that her sins are already forgiven. (I quoted John 3:16 and Hebrews 10:14) So by his blood he shed on the cross once and for all there is no more sacrifice for sin.  It is a free gift.  We encouraged her to go to the website “BeYePerfect.org” to see what others are saying as they respond to our calls.

A high light of the week was coming across the house where two Mormon Missionary men came to the door.  It appeared they were living at the house.  They were in their white shirts and black ties with their name tags on.  We could see them salivate as they looked at us on the door step!  Scott and I were also salivating to share the Truth with them!  We gave our standard introduction by telling them they could be assured that they were forgiven and worthy in God’s sight RIGHT NOW!  I gave them the “robe of righteousness” picture language and the Bible verses to back that up.  They countered with the Book of Mormon from 2Nephi showing their good works is a progression to perfection. I pointed out that they were living and working “under law”.  We are living under the Gospel, free now to serve God.  They also asked about the “God Head” that Christians believe in.  We responded we believe in the Trinity.  I said it is beyond our understanding, but a good example is when St Patrick went into England and Ireland, he used the clover leaf (three parts but one leaf) to explain it.  At that point I encouraged them to read the book of Galatians, like it was the first time, with an open mind. About that time the one young missionary said they need to break it off because he was feeling a “Spirit of Contention”.  (I almost said we were feeling a Spirit of Joy, but I didn’t) As we left, I said remember the “Robe of Righteousness” every time they see a robe!.  “AND READ GALATIANS”! (We encouraged BeYePerfect.org, but they may not be allowed to search the Internet while on their Mission)

I had many more witnessing experiences that I rejoice over and will be mailing a number of Thank You cards as follow ups. I pray that many more will come next year to experience the Power of God working through us.