I am so blessed!

Written by Peggy Thorpe

witnessing-to-mormons. jpg

After more than 40 years of marriage, my husband and I find ourselves saying "I am so blessed" more and more often.  That's also how I feel when I am here in Utah with like-minded Christians from around the country.

- I am so blessed to be sharing this experience with others who have such a passion to share their faith with others. - I am so blessed to have people open their doors and listen to our message of being perfect in Christ and what that means. - I am so blessed to be forgiven by God because of what Christ has done for me. - I am so blessed to have the leadership of Dave Malnes for our training and support. - I am so blessed to have the support of Danee Haro who keeps us going in the right direction to our locations, picks up food for our meals, and is always looking out for our needs. - I am so blessed to pair up with new people as we learn the strategies of witnessing together on the street. - I am so blessed to have the financial and spiritual support of my home church, King of Grace Lutheran in Golden Valley, MN. - I am so blessed that the Holy Spirit works faith in hearts through the power of God's Word.

I praise God for Truth in Love Ministry for giving all of us the opportunity to strengthen our faith by proclaiming it to others.  To God be the glory!