How Playing Golf is a Picture of Mormonism.


Over the weekend, Rory McIlroy came back to win a stunning victory in the PGA golf tournament. Despite weather delays and difficult conditions, a thrilling battle ensued on the final round with the last shot played just after the sun dipped down over the horizon.

I enjoy playing golf ever since my father taught me how to swing a club. My parents still have pictures of me swinging a sawed-off 3-wood with electrical tape for a handle. Back in the days when a 3-wood was made of real wood, I can still remember hearing the crack of the hickory when my wood hit the ball into the air.

Can a person draw a comparison between playing golf and following the teachings of Mormonism?

Everybody has the ability to play golf, but some people have greater potential than others do. The key is for every person to learn and to practice. Par is the standard score from which to judge a golfer's success. Those willing to take the time and energy to learn ought to be able to attain that score. Sometimes during the course of a game, a golf ball is hit into the water. The player must suffer a penalty stroke and it becomes very difficult to par the hole. The good news is that there is another hole to play. A player is encouraged to keep trying until the end of the round.

Mormonism teaches the same concept. Due to Jesus' Atonement, everybody has the divine potential to become perfect like Christ and attain eternal life. The key is to learn about LDS teachings and be obedient in following all of its laws and commands. The Holy Ghost will confirm these truths, but only after exerting great effort. To become perfect is the standard or the par for a Mormon's success. Those who are committed and sincere in their efforts to practice obedience will be able to attain perfection. A Mormon may make mistakes in their life, but the good news is that there is another day to improve. Happiness is found in the effort to be worthy of God's blessings and enduring to the end.

A Christian believer who trusts in God's promises from the Bible, LOVE to play golf. The key is not on how you play the game, but who is playing for you. Par requires perfection. This means that every hole requires a hole-in-one and there are eternal consequences associated with failure. A Christian believer recognizes there is no possible way for success. Thankfully, God has provided a substitute in Christ. His life, death, and resurrection fulfilled the standard of perfection. Faith receives his score of perfection in place of our scores of imperfection. A life in Christ joyfully plays golf for the sake that this activity brings God great joy. The pressure is off. The trophy has been won.

When sharing God's Word with a Mormon, we can emphasize the joy and peace of what Christ has already done for us. We can emphasize the positives of God's promises as the object of our faith versus the stresses of trying to be worthy.

Now that's good news!