Hours 13 - 14: How Important are Impressions & Expressions?

Written by Daryl Schultz


Fearless Friday….that is our theme for today. It is the last day of week 1 of TILM canvasing. Today we traveled down to American Fork, Utah. The morning was warm and pleasant. Most of the doors that opened for us today were also warm and pleasant. One home, a girl, who was about twelve, opened the door. We asked if her parents were available. She open the door wider and said “Mom”. Her Mom was sitting on the couch watching TV. The Mom shot her daughter a real glaring look, and initially gave us that same glaring look. She was not happy to get up to come to the door. We told her that we were Christian missionaries, and she said she was LDS and was not interested. This was not the typical response we see, but it sure left an impression on me. Even as Christians, we sometimes may express this same look when we don’t want to be bothered, and perhaps miss any opportunity to witness to others.

One other neighbor this morning left an impression on me. We walked up to the home and knew immediately it was an LDS home. There was a big lighted “Y” on the garage and a big magnetic “Y” on the front door (this was no ordinary “Y”…it was the logo of BYU.) The yard was beautiful and the lady that answered the door was extremely nice. The lady suggested that we should step into the shade to talk so that we did not have to talk in the hot sun. We sure were happy to take up her offer on the shade! As we shared our message, the lady showed a happy expression on her face. As we extended the conversation a bit more and deeper. We picked on one tiny little word that she said…”TRY”. (This is a common word you hear a lot in Utah). We just had a discussion with our fellow TILMers earlier the other day, that it is not a matter of “TRY”, but a matter of “TRUST”. This is what we shared with this LDS lady. Her expression changed slightly…from a happy face to a slightly thinking or puzzled face. I think this phrase really did make her have to think about how to respond. She went back to a happy face and said that she could understand that and agreed. We never really know how this seed we planted will grow. I do know however that this will give something the LDS lady something to ponder.

We pray that the Holy Spirit works on his lady’s heart that it is a matter of TRUST not TRY.