Hours 11 – 12: Joyful Witness

Written by Daryl Schultz


It’s Thursday, Day Four! Time is flying by now! We just finished up our morning canvasing of another Provo neighborhood. We had many homes listed on our map, but only 13 people who opened their doors this morning. People I guess were either sleeping in, going swimming (it is hot today!), at work or just simply not wanting to open their doors. For the most part, people were friendly and nice. There were no long extended discussions today except for one LDS mom who was just on her way out of the home to take her 2 year old out to the store. This lady said that she did not go on a mission but her husband did. She expressed surprise that other Christians went out door to door. She thought only LDS Christians did.   Did you just read my prior sentences? There were two key items here that really stuck with me all morning. First is the “surprise” that Christians actually went out door to door to share their faith! So many LDS believe they are the only ones, and unfortunately, I think a lot of us Christians don’t do more witnessing and sharing of our faith to others. The second key item is the statement the lady made “LDS Christian”. We have a lot of LDS who believe strongly that they are Christians too. Unfortunately they are not. They may have the name “Jesus Christ” in their church name, however, their “Jesus” is so much different than our “Jesus”.   We did not get into any lengthy discussion on this with this lady, but reassured her that it is all about Jesus and he did everything for us. There is nothing that we can do to earn salvation.

I thank God for my partner and I to plant 13 seeds this morning, and also thank God that we have the afternoon off to rest and be able to get out of the very hot intense heat!

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