Divine Appointments

 The 2015 Utah campaign is only a month away.


For the fourth consecutive summer, Truth in Love Ministry will be leading trained evangelists to go door-to-door and invite Mormons to hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ in a way they can understand.

And that’s not easy.

So often, Mormons are confronted by well-meaning Christians to prove that Joseph Smith is not a true prophet and the LDS Church is not a true church. The approach and methodology of Truth in Love Ministry is not to prove Mormonism is wrong, but share that Christ is right. This not only includes sharing what the Bible teaches about the seriousness of sin and how Christ is the only remedy from suffering the consequences of sin, but to share this message with love and respect.

When Truth in Love missionaries knock on the doors of a Mormon, we bring both the gospel message of Christ, but the presence of Christ. We are discovering that every time a door opens it becomes a divine opportunity the Lord has provided for us.

These divine opportunities will be forever sealed in the hearts and memories of our missionaries.

I distinctly remember coming to the door of a beautiful new house last summer in Kaysville, UT. The door did not open when we rang the doorbell. Figuring that nobody was home, we left a half-page flyer on the doorstep and began walking to the next house. About halfway down the sidewalk, the woman of the home opened her door and called out, "Can I help you?" We came up to her and explained that we were Christian missionaries associated with beyeperfect.org. We explained about our message, then invited her to talk about her faith.  We asked, “What does forgiveness mean to you?” By asking her a question about her faith, we are displaying love and respect which is essential to engaging them with the true gospel.

After respectfully listening, we told her, "We have met many Mormons in the past few weeks and really appreciated how nice they have been. We really have grown to love the LDS people we have met. I think we are providing an opportunity for our LDS friends to hear from Christians what Christians believe. I am sure you get frustrated hearing from non-LDS what the LDS Church teaches. Many Mormons are telling me that they believe the same as I do. Well, I would like to talk about that."

Mormons really appreciate this approach. Bridges are built to share what the gospel of Jesus Christ really teaches about salvation.

We continued to visit with the Mormon lady at her door. We talked about what it means for a Christian to say they are already forgiven in Christ. And she was listening. This was a divine appointment. The woman asked, "What about serious sins? Are you forgiven for those?" We answered, "Faith receives the status of being forgiven because of what Christ has already done for us on the cross. Yet, we continue to sin. Faith prompts us to seek forgiveness and God immediately grants it. Obedience to live a God-pleasing life is prompted by love. Just like a desire to serve a family member, we are prompted by love to serve God. True love does not expect anything in return. This also describes our relationship with God."*

It is joyful to share Scriptural truths with an LDS person that they have never considered before.

The conversation with the LDS woman was drawing to a close. The woman had to prepare herself for work and needed to pick up her daughter. We asked if we could remain in contact, but the woman declined. "I will always be a Mormon," she answered. "I also want to say that I appreciate your kindness and countenance." We asked if we could pray for her. Touched by the request, the LDS woman told us that she has a son serving in France as a Mormon missionary. It's been very tough. The people are responding very negatively to him, even spitting on him while riding a bus. We promised to pray for her son and left the house.

We continued to go door-to-door in the neighborhood. About forty-five minutes later, we were leaving a house and saw a car running at the end of the driveway. It was the same LDS woman. She was waiting for us and asked, "I wanted to find you, because I have some questions I need to ask you." It was evident that she was in a hurry, so an appointment was scheduled for the next day. The Lord allowed us to have an hour and forty-five minute conversation.

* As I reviewed my notes from this conversation, I think I would have taken a different approach in my answer. It’s so easy to talk about faith and works with a Mormon, but such a difficult concept for a Mormon to grasp. For this reason, I am learning that it’s best to stay away from faith and works as much as possible. Instead, I would have stayed on the subject of sin. I would have asked her to define what serious sins mean to her and compare her definition to the Bible. This directly would enable me to talk more about the seriousness of sin rather than how a person responds to the gospel.