Be Ye Perfect


We are excited to announce that we have completely redone our website,  This is the site we direct our LDS friends to.  Its name comes from Matthew 5:48: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

This verse is widely quoted in Mormonism.  When we ask Mormons if they are familiar with the phrase “be ye perfect” many respond by quoting Matthew 5:48.  Although the LDS Church has watered down its emphasis on perfection in recent years, many Mormons still struggle mightily with trying to be perfect.  The message of becoming perfect remains at the heart and core of Mormonism.  It is just being clothed in softer terms.

This site reflects the foundational principles of our approach.  We focus on topics that cause stress for Mormons such as: being worthy; the forgiveness of sins; the assurance of living eternally with God.  We explore each in depth, examining them from various angles.  What we don’t do is address the long list of LDS teachings that irritate Christians. Over the years we have discovered that most Mormons aren’t bothered by them.  In many cases they cherish those teachings.  Therefore most aren’t interested in what we have to say about them.  But their ears often perk up when we talk about being worthy, forgiven, and being assured that we will live forever with God.

Related to this principle of focusing on topics which cause Mormons stress is another of our foundational principles; namely, zeroing in on the two major biblical topics of God’s wrath over sin and then how he appeased his own wrath by the sacrifice of his own Son. On the site, we take a close look at Matthew 5:48 showing how it demands perfection now.  We delve into our inability to quit sinning and explore the many different ways people sin.  But we also spotlight God’s wonderful love in giving us salvation itself rather than a plan of salvation that we must work.  Jesus’ role as mankind’s substitute is highlighted: his role in not only paying the price for our sin but also in his keeping the commandments perfectly for us.  We repeatedly stress that the only way anybody can meet God’s standard of perfection is by making Christ’s perfection their own.

Another one of our foundational principles is speaking “Mormonese”.  Christians and Mormons frequently find themselves talking past each other because Mormonism defines most biblical terms quite differently.  Our site recognizes that fact.  We go to great lengths to not only define words but also to subtly contrast them with LDS definitions.  One simple example: an essential element in the LDS definition of repentance is abandoning the sin.  As we talk about repentance, we define it as abandoning trust in oneself and trusting completely in Jesus’ works.  We further state that this is essential because nobody can abandon sin. (If you haven’t yet looked at our dictionary of Mormonese, take some time to check it out.)

This site rests on God’s promise that his word is so powerful that it will not return to him empty but will accomplish what he desires. It is built not on a framework of arguments from reason but one of Bible verses.  It is our prayer that it brings many Mormons into contact with God’s powerful word thus allowing the Holy Spirit opportunity to work in their hearts.

I’m asking you to join us in that prayer.  I also encourage you to take some time to visit the site and read some of the articles.  It models speaking the truth in love to Mormons.