Are you crazy?


“Are you crazy?!”

I have heard that more than once the past few months when encouraging people to take the initiative and request a visit from LDS missionaries. They don’t like it when Mormon missionaries knock on their doors unexpectedly. Why would they then go out of their way to ask them to come?

But almost to a person, the dozens of people who have accepted our invitation have had wonderful experiences. After repeated visits with a pair of missionaries they have come to care for these young men or women. And it has been mutual. More than one missionary has expressed their appreciation for the kindness and concern shown them. In some cases, the contact between the Christians and the missionaries has even continued after the missionary has left the immediate area.

The reason this is happening is NOT because the Christians are being timid about their beliefs. Far from it! By taking the time to build a bridge of kindness to the missionaries and by respectfully listening to them, they have gained the right to tell them of their beliefs – and to share those beliefs thoroughly and repeatedly. The majority of people who have followed our approach have averaged five visits with the missionaries! Visiting repeatedly is so much more effective than the one and done witnessing experience that mostly occurs when Christians talk with LDS missionaries.

Just as rewarding as being able to give such a thorough witness to the missionaries is the effect this has on the people witnessing. Person after person has told me how this process has strengthened them in their faith; how it has gotten them to study God’s Word as never before. They talk about how they got so much more out of it than they ever put in.

And you know what? Many of those same people first responded by asking me if I was crazy as I encouraged them to request a missionary visit! But the more we talked and the more they read about our approach, the more they became convinced to try it. And they are so happy they did.

I hope you prayerfully consider joining them in witnessing to LDS missionaries. I encourage you to go to our website,, to learn more. Or you could send me an email at and I would be happy to answer your questions or talk about your concerns.

Just think: in heaven a person might thank you for the seed of the gospel you planted in their heart when they were on their LDS mission - a seed that, over time, blossomed into saving faith. What a joy that would be!


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