An Enlightening Glimpse into a Mormon’s View of Judgment Day

How do you think of Judgment Day? How do you picture it? How especially do you view your interaction with Jesus? Before reading on, pause a moment to think about this.


I see myself falling to my knees in awe of his glory. I hear myself singing his praises for saving me. I can imagine my heart bursting with joy and gratitude because of being in his presence. In short, I see being totally focused on Jesus.

This is, however, not how one LDS woman pictured it. Her article in the latest issue of the Ensign (September 2017) first caught my attention because she is single. I was curious because being a single woman in Mormonism, with its heavy emphasis on the family, is not always easy. But it was the way she ended her article really made me sit up and take notice.

      “I’m actually kind of looking forward to the day when I get to meet the Savior and we review my life together. I look forward to getting to show Him what I’ve had to work with, who I have become, and the life I’ve made. And I suppose that’s the most important legacy I can leave.”

Quite a different take on it, isn’t it? Note how she is “kind of” looking forward to meeting her Savior. She is actually much more positive than many Mormons I have spoken with. Many dread Judgment Day. They look forward to it as much as students look forward to final exams. Because that is what Judgment Day is for Mormons. It’s the ultimate final exam.

That’s how this woman views it. Jesus will be reviewing her life to see what she accomplished. The focus is entirely on her.

The difference between her and many Mormons, however, is that she is cautiously optimistic she will pass the test. She is optimistic because, as she spells out in the rest of the article, she has done a lot! As I read everything she did, I couldn’t help but think she tried so hard because she felt she had to compensate for being single. (Click here to read the entire article. )

I’m sure the LDS Church published this article as an encouragement to other single women. Instead of being encouraged, however, I wonder how many will be discouraged. The bar she sets is quite high.

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But her article can definitely encourage us to share Jesus with Mormons. It does this by acting as another proof of how much Mormons need to hear that no matter what they do, it won’t be enough to pass the test – that the only way to pass the test is to rely totally on Jesus’ perfect work for us. When we do that, however, we won’t “kind of” look forward to Judgment Day. We eagerly await it.

Confidently sharing your eagerness to meet Jesus can act like a magnet, causing Mormons to be want to learn more.

So eagerly and confidently talk about Judgment Day, emphasizing your certainty because Jesus has already passed the test for you!

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