2015 Utah Campaign in Review


The work of the 2015 Utah campaign has come to an end, but the reflections, prayers, and memories still remain. The Lord’s hand was with the forty missionaries who participated in going door-to-door in Provo and American Fork, UT. During this season of sowing seeds of the true gospel, the Truth in Love Missionaries took joy in the number of open doors the Lord provided.

Here are some comments from our missionaries:

“The experience in Utah was life changing. It completely gives me a different frame of mind of witnessing. It also drives home how fortunate we are to know the true gospel.” (Robert)

“Being in Utah as a missionary for Christ was an amazing experience. There are so many people who desperately need to hear the true gospel of the Bible – that it’s all about what Jesus, our Savior did for us, not about what we do. I may not always have the ’right’ words to say, but the Holy Spirit guides me in my comments and responses.”  (Jean)

“The campaign experience was inspiring. The whole experience (training and witnessing) strengthened my own faith and developed my own spiritual muscles.” (Peggy)

“Now that I am already back at home for a week, I have had numerous opportunities to share my experience with friends and family. Each time I tell someone, I know that I’m conveying an enthusiasm that shows just how enjoyable the experience was. I go into the basic details of our gospel presentation and how this might typically go. Of course, there are a few memorable highlights that I usually share. I was told at the outset of the week that I would be leaving with a bit of a high from the experience. How true! The high comes from the joy of sharing the gospel with souls who are lost as well as the send that “I can do this!”  (Jeff)

“I would describe it as a very eye-opening experience, not like anything I have done before, but I am so, so happy that I joined this opportunity. It is an experience that really forces you to step outside of your comfort zone, but it is an incredible opportunity and a tremendous faith-builder.” (Kristin)

“Wonderful experience! Scary at first, but confidence builds as the week moves on. It is depressing to think of all the lost people here, but we know God is directing us to be here and continue to plant seeds. It is our prayer that someone else comes along and waters those seeds.” (Gloria)

“I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. Growing in my faith, meeting dear brothers and sisters in the faith, exercising my spiritual muscles, becoming a confident and joyful ambassador to the King, coming out west for the first time… it’s all been beyond everything I hoped and dreamed. God tends to do that, doesn’t He?”  (Jessica)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the growth that I experienced. I grew in my confidence going door to door to actually have spiritual conversations. Being around like-minded Christians – ones that have a heart for Mormon ministry – enthused me greatly because I have often felt like an island among my other Christian companions.”  (Nathan)

“The experience in Utah was educational, edifying, exhilarating, and encouraging. It was educational because it provided an opportunity to delve deeper into the Mormon religion and its theology and to also study the sharp contrast between the true Gospel of the Savior and what Mormonism teaches. It was edifying because it is a shared experience with many other brothers and sisters in the faith who are pointing you back to the Bible as the source of truth, strength, and power. It was exhilarating because you can’t walk the steps up to a stranger’s home eager to share the Gospel, without having your heart beat a little faster. It was encouraging because we know our Lord has promised that his word works and he will not let it return to him without accomplish the purpose for which he sent it. (Isaiah 55:11)” (Phil)

There is profound joy at the experience of sharing the message of true grace, forgiveness, and redemption – especially in Provo. And in the experience, we quickly realize that sharing God’s Word is not about us, but the power of God’s Word, and trusting the promise that He is with us.

We rejoice that the Lord opened the doors of 1,622 Mormons to share the gospel and plant the seeds of His grace.