2014 Utah Outreach Campaign: Final Day


It was the last day of going door-to-door and sharing God's Word with Mormons.  It was also the last day of the media outreach campaign. The Truth in Love missionaries were blessed with amazing opportunities to share the real gospel of Jesus Christ. Tears came to some Mormons when exposed to the biblical truth of true grace, forgiveness, and Christ's completed work on our behalf. These faces of wonder will be forever ingrained in our memories.

A Truth in Love missionary pondered the following question, "Is the climb worth the view?" What effect did forty-six Christian missionaries have on Mormons by going door-to-door in Provo and Kaysville, UT? What impact did we have?

The following statements could summarize the answer:


1. The number of personal invitations extended to hear God's Word.

Each day, we asked Truth in Love missionaries to record how many times they personally planted the seeds of God's Word. We defined a planted seed by a face-to-face interaction where a Truth in Love missionary shared their faith and what Christ has already done for them. Whether for 30 seconds or for 30 minutes, Truth in Love missionaries shared their faith with 1,364 Mormons in Provo and Kaysville. We praise God for the number of opportunities the Lord provided for us.

2. Sharing God's Word impact Truth in Love missionaries.

Truth in Love missionaries received a taste of being a world missionary. In many ways, going to Provo is like going to a different country. On the surface, it looks the same as any other American suburb. However, within its doors, is an entirely different culture and belief system. It is a life-changing experience. Truth in Love missionaries discovers that sharing their faith is one of the greatest ways to exercise their faith. They return home blessed spiritually. There is a renewed passion, zeal, and enthusiasm to reach the lost. They also receive the unique opportunity to confront fears associated with sharing their faith and realize that it's not about ourselves, but about the Holy Spirit working within us. Each day butterflies churned in the stomach, but they were able to experience the promise that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Phil 4:13)

A few highlights from sharing God's Word in Provo:

Rachel, David, Melissa, Elisha, Jared, Michael, Eric and Nancy. These are just a few of the names of Mormons that are etched into our minds. They asked inquiring questions. They were curious to our message. They agreed to come to the beyeperfect.org website to find more information. We collect each name and for those who give contact information, we look forward to furthering the conversations.

We found out that the new "Forgiveness" tri-fold arrived in 20,000 mailboxes in Provo. One mail carrier told the Truth in Love missionaries that he is joyfully delivering these to Mormon households.

A missionary team was canvassing a neighborhood close to the LDS Missionary Training Center. They came across a gentleman who was a missionary trainer.  They had an interesting exchange where the trainer expressed a genuine admiration to the Truth in Love approach.

A Truth in Love missionary team did a follow-up visit. The previous day an interested LDS woman drove her car to find the missionaries after a fifteen-minute conversation. She had more questions. The missionary team ended up having an hour and forty-five minute conversation.

One missionary team ended the day by visiting the Provo temple.  Standing outside the entrance, they innocently asked if they could take a tour. An LDS couple replied, "Just go in and ask." The team went inside the gate and started to stroll the grounds. A man dressed all in white chased after them and demanded that they leave.

It was a tremendous final day of sharing God's Word in Provo.