2014 Utah Outreach Campaign: Day Two


Excitement mixed in with plenty of nerves was evident for the Truth in Love missionaries as they gathered in the hotel meeting room. This was the day to hit the streets of Provo. This is the moment they were waiting and praying in the past several months.

For two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon, all of the missionaries came to the same area to knock on doors. As we experienced in 2012, the LDS we met at the door were very pleasant and cordial. The Lord granted many opportunities to plant the seeds of God's Word by inviting them to our website, beyeperfect.org, but also introducing the content. At the door, the missionaries shared:

1.  God's standard is perfection (Matthew 5:48). We do not "become" perfect, but are declared to "be" perfect in Christ because faith receives Christ's perfect obedience.

2. Believing in Christ receives the status of being fully forgiven of our sins.

We come before the Lord to ask Him to prompt Mormons to open the door, and boldly ask to open their eyes and their hearts to the true gospel message. In Provo, we believe that many Mormons are hearing this message for the first time.

A few of those Mormons included:

* There was an elderly woman who lived across the street of an LDS Church for the past 54 years. She shared with the missionary that she agreed with our mailings and believed the same thing. The missionary replied, "So you believe that you are fully forgiven of your sins right now?" "Well, yes," she replied.  "But I have to work at it and be obedient to receive it." "Oh, well that's different then what I believe. Through Christ's perfect obedience, he substituted himself on the cross for me. Because of this, I have assurance of the full forgiveness of my sins."  At the end of the conversation, the woman began to close the door, but paused while softly saying, "Well, I guess I don't believe I have full forgiveness like you."

The missionaries came across many multi-generational Mormons who fervently believed in the LDS Church. Most of the time, they pleasantly smiled and thanked us. It was difficult to decipher their response and often wondered if they were just humoring our missionaries.  However, we were grateful for the number of them who seemed intrigued with our message and grateful for our approach.

* Walking down the street, a Truth in Love missionary waved at a man driving his car.  Several minutes later, the same man came up to the missionaries while riding a bicycle.  "Hey, I'm glad I found you.  So, what are you all about?"  He ended up being a Mormon who no longer believed in Mormonism and looking for truth.

* During the afternoon, it was amazing how many young LDS mothers answered the door. They were either pregnant and/or had very young children handing around their feet. Fatigued and stressed, many just offered smiles at the door.  Most just did not have the time or the energy to carry a conversation with Christian missionaries. Due to the culture of Mormonism, they often receive warnings against anti-Mormons. Missionaries also discovered there were a number of Jehovah Witnesses canvassing the same neighborhood.

The Lord also offered encouragement in the most unusual ways.

A postal employee delivering the mail thanked the missionaries for the mailer. Not only did the employee thought they were well done, but also prayed for their success.

Missionaries taking a lunch break
Missionaries taking a lunch break

Another missionary knocked on the door and an elderly man answered it.  He asked, "Are you a follower of Christ or a follower of Joseph?"  The missionaries assured the man they were followers of Christ.  "Well c'mon in."  For the next several minutes, they shared with the man the biblical truths of Jesus Christ. He was in the process of investigating Christianity at the time.

At the end of the day, It was a blessing to introduce the presence and the words of Christ to those who are long-time followers of the LDS Church.

The weather report for the next day is strongly suggesting rain. Even though it is unusual to see rain during the middle of June, we pray that the Lord will cause the rain to stop while Truth in Love missionaries go visit Mormons in Kaysville.