2014 Utah Outreach Campaign Day SIX


"Sharing God's Word in Provo is like going to an NBA game and watching LeBron James play basketball. It is like watching God do all the work and He has provided us with front row seats." (Mark Cares, Truth in Love Ministry)

It is very easy to stand on a doorstep of a Mormon and share a short gospel message, but it is very difficult to deal with their mindset. The Mormons are home, but their lights are out. No matter how hard you try to plant the seeds, contrast differences, or define terms, the mystery of Christ leaves them baffled. Only the power of God's Word can bring light to darkness, so that is our focus in coming to Utah.

Since sharing God's Word with Mormons is a very difficult and frustrating ministry, it is important to remind ourselves every day that we are planting seeds.

This was the last day for Truth in Love missionaries who came for our first week of the campaign to go door-to-door in Provo. With renewed zeal and perspective, our missionaries eagerly arrived focusing on the adventure. A Mormon's reaction to our presence or invitation will not depend on how they outwardly respond, but how Christ's presence and His Word brand their soul. That is what our missionaries provide throughout the week.

One seventy-nine year old woman from Minnesota shared her excitement when she told the group afterwards, "All my life I wanted to go on a mission trip and then Monday came." She battled and overcame her nerves and the weather. By Friday, she was walking the streets and sharing her faith with boldness.

Another missionary stated, "After all these years of being in church, this was the first time I have stepped out of my comfort zone and shared my faith with others."  She goes back home transformed and excited to exercise her faith.

If a Christian can go to Provo and share God's Word with a Mormon, they can go share God anywhere.

With a renewed sense of boldness and urgency, there were several times when a Truth in Love missionary shared the God's Word of warning. If a person follows the teachings of Mormonism, they are in grave danger of outer darkness. We do not share this truth with a tone of anger or accusation, but from genuine concern. It is speaking the truth in love.

One LDS man was visibly shaken from these words. His words of trying to defend the teachings of Mormonism appeared hollow and unconvincing -- even to himself. Another woman was angry. She yelled back to the departing missionaries, "And I'll see you in outer darkness!"

The faces of the Mormons we met at their doors will never go away. By recalling their faces, we receive a prompting to pray for them.

At the same time, Truth in Love missionaries cannot help but be changed and touched by their experience. The blessing of being God's messengers is to grow in our faith. A new level of trust is now a part of our spiritual life.

We pray that our first week missionaries arrive home safely and we await our second week missionaries with great anticipation.

Dean and Mary
Dean and Mary
Ava and Jane
Ava and Jane