2014 Utah Outreach Campaign -- Day One


The 2014 Truth in Love Ministry media outreach campaign in Utah is ready to begin.

Missionaries from around the U.S. have descended upon Salt Lake City to share the good news of the real Jesus Christ to those souls who are lost in the teachings and the culture of Mormonism.

The entire team travelled north to worship at Light of the Valley Lutheran Church in Layton, UT.  Rev. Jon Manke, an experienced Truth in Love missionary, is currently serving as an interim pastor. The Truth in Love team was blessed with a wonderful message of encouragement and inspiration.

"We live by faith, not by sight."   (2 Corinthians 5:7)

Rev. Jon Mahnke at Light of the Valley Lutheran.
Rev. Jon Mahnke at Light of the Valley Lutheran.

Only seven simple words, yet each powerful in their own way. In the darkness of sin, the Lord turns on the light of faith through the power of His Word. Every soul who has placed their trust in Christ alone, receives a commission and an opportunity to share the light of His Word with lost souls. With that commission, we receive wonderful promises from God.

* That He gives us the Words to say. * That He assures us the fields are ripe and the workers are few. * That He grants us confidence that we are never alone.

Since our God is an awesome, perfect, and a fully reliable God, we can trust that He will deliver on His promises. By faith, we step out of our comfort zone and into the world.

But that's not all what happened in Layton.

When our first Truth in Love missionaries began arriving at church, a lady entered the building. It was obvious that she was not a member and coming to the church for the first time. We assumed she must be a normal visitor who decided to come to Bible study until we heard her story.

Twelve years ago, she no longer believed in the teaching of Mormonism. After growing up in a faithful LDS family and trying to be a faithful LDS wife and mother, she simply could no longer believe nor follow its teachings. She stopped going to church.  A year ago, she was watching a TV program and heard the testimony of Michael Wilder, and ex-Mormon who came to faith several years ago. In an attempt to fill a growing spiritual void, she decided that morning to go to an LDS Church.  After ten minutes, she knew that God did not want her to be there. She walked out of the church and decided to come to a Lutheran church that was just down the block from her house. She courageously decided to walk through the doors and check it out.

The wisdom of the Lord had placed Truth in Love missionaries at the door upon her arrival. Embraced with love and listening ears, the woman poured out her heart and her story. The true gospel of Jesus Christ was shared with her. We truly believe this woman is very sincere in her desire to know the real Jesus Christ.

What a great start to our week!

Throughout the afternoon and the evening, our Truth in Love missionaries received final training and instructions. We are ready to come to Provo on Monday to plant the seeds of God's Word.