2014 Utah Outreach Campaign Day Nine


Every door a Truth in Love missionary approaches in Utah, we ask the Lord for discernment.  We ask to open our eyes and ears on how to engage people and look for opportunities and clues to share God's Word in a way that is meaningful to that particular person. Sometimes, particular stresses and concerns can be uncovered that presents an opportunity to share a particular Bible verse. Other times, you can gauge a person's interest, or lack of interest, and judge appropriately how to respond. Asking the Lord for discernment can be a great help for a missionary.

We are noticing an interesting trend when talking with Mormons at the door. They seem to be utilizing more terms and phrases familiar to evangelical Christianity. We find Mormons initially agreeing with everything we say and its taking longer to remove the layers of differences. That can become quite frustrating for missionaries. What helps is to understand that Mormons believe they have a "new and improved" version of Christianity. Like a software upgrade or a newer model of car, Mormons believe they are furthering the orthodox teachings of the Bible. Instead of having agreement, the core belief of Mormonism presents a heresy that is offensive to the Christian and to God. The heresy of Mormonism is that every human has the divine potential to be a god. The challenge for every missionary is learning how to be patient in peeling away the layers at the door in order to reveal the drastic differences.

Wendy and Amanda
Wendy and Amanda

On this particular day, the Truth in Love missionaries arrived in Kaysville and the Lord brought amazing opportunities.  There were several cases of coming across non-practicing Mormons who expressed interest in what we had to say.

A good example was one young father whose children were playing out in the front yard.  The missionaries shared the true gospel in a very simple way.  He responded with great interest and expressed joy in our message. We look forward to continuing the conversation with him in the weeks ahead.

One Truth in Love missionary is a Lutheran schoolteacher.  She came across an LDS woman who also teaches elementary school. In the beginning of the conversation, the missionary allowed the LDS woman to teach her about Mormonism. In return, she shared with her lessons on how she teaches the kids about the Bible at her school. The LDS woman ended up listening intently to her message. After the conversation, the LDS woman pointed to her next-door neighbor.  She replied, "I think she needs to hear your message. She lost an adult child and is really hurting. She won't listen to me because of my LDS faith, but maybe she will listen to you."

In the evening time, the Truth in Love missionaries come together in the meeting room to share stories and receive both instruction and encouragement.

At the end of the evening, the missionaries received a biblical reminder that the conversion of a soul is impossible. It takes a miracle (1 Timothy 1:15-16). If you knocked on the door of Saul of Tarsus in Provo, how would he have responded to the message of Christ?  If you left his house, what chance would you give him of being converted? We need to remember that when you are dead in sin, you are dead. Every conversion is like Saul's conversion. It is a miracle.

God's Word is powerful. Every time we use God's Word, something happens. Missionaries have that confidence, trust and assurance. There is no such thing as lost causes.

While we go to bed in the evening, we can have confidence that while we are resting, God is working.