2014 Utah Outreach Campaign Day Five

Timing is everything.


The Lord provides opportunities when a person opens the door, yet it is truly remarkable how the Lord provides opportunities at just the right time.

The Truth in Love missionaries returned Thursday morning to Kaysville eager to share God's Word. Instead of rain and cold, we gave thanks to God for beautiful sunny weather.

While gathering to eat a picnic lunch at a park in Kaysville, we witnessed God's hand at work.

Earlier in the day, Truth in Love missionaries knocked on the door of a house and nobody answered. They left a flyer on her doorstep inviting the occupants to go to beyeperfect.org.  Halfway down the sidewalk, a voice calls out to them, "Do you need something?" Turning around, a woman was standing at the doorway. For the next forty-five minutes, they discussed the promises given in the Bible. The LDS woman was experiencing depression and cried through most of the discussion. She gave her contact information for a local Christian woman to follow-up.

[Note: Our missionaries not only provide spiritual truth, but also an avenue of trust. In the culture of Mormonism, it's very difficult to share about struggles. Since happiness is a strong by-product of being obedient to LDS teachings, confessing burdens suggests a lack of faith or obedience. Since we are Christian missionaries, Mormons seem to be quite comfortable in sharing their burdens.]

At the picnic shelter, the Lord in His wisdom provided a miracle. The same woman the missionaries met walked by our shelter with her two dogs on a leash. Our missionaries ran out to greet her. At the same time, our local contact person brought sack lunches. The two women were able to connect face-to-face.

The Lord blessed us with even more opportunities.

A staunch LDS woman angrily confronted our missionaries. After several minutes of going back and forth, her anger resided while the missionaries calmly and gently shared what the Bible teaches about salvation and forgiveness. Anger turned to curiosity. She wanted to learn more about the contrasts. We look forward to corresponding with her and hope she visits the beyeperfect.org website.

An LDS woman stepped out of her garage when the Truth in Love missionaries approached her house. She was very grateful for the opportunity to talk about Jesus. The timing was perfect. She had several questions about the Christian version of the gospel. "I know about Jesus," she replied, "but I'm supposed to do all this other stuff."  She cried while the missionaries shared about the real Christ. It was obvious the stress of trying to be a faithful Mormons was incredible. Our message may have brought a spark of relief and hope for her burdens. We look forward to providing her with more information.

A younger man was a former LDS missionary and told the missionaries at his door, "I'm busy and don't have the time to talk with you."  However, he was intrigued about how Christians can confidently declare they are already perfect in Christ and fully forgiven because of Christ's perfect obedience. He was also intrigued that Christians do not need to carry out commands and ordinances in the temple to be with Heavenly Father forever in heaven.  He ended up staying at the door for a wonderful 20 minutes conversation.

Another woman told our missionaries, "Do you know where you are?"

Amanda 2
Amanda 2

She couldn't believe that Christian missionaries had the gumption to walk the streets of Kaysville.  This is Mormon territory!  Although a faithful LDS member, she opened up about her negative feelings toward the LDS Church.  Stress comes from judgmental Mormons. She pointed to each house in her neighborhood and said that every mother or housewife at those homes were taking painkillers and/or anti-depressants due to the stress. We hope that our message could not just bring comfort, but also more importantly, hope and curiosity to seek God's Word.

Lunch in Kaysville
Lunch in Kaysville

A team of missionaries approached a man working in his garden. They started to share the reason for why they were coming to Kaysville this morning. The man abruptly stopped them. "I don't mean to be rude," he said, "but I'm only willing to listen if you help me weed my garden. The two missionaries looked at each other, and then rolled up their sleeves. While helping the man weed his garden, they had a discussion on what the Bible teaches about forgiveness and redemption.

We were blessed in Kaysville in what the Lord provided for our missionaries to proclaim His Word.