2014 Utah Outreach Campaign Day Eight

"I may indeed be untrained as a speaker, but I do have knowledge. We have made this perfectly clear to you in every way."  (2 Corinthians 11:6)


On Monday morning, several of the Truth in Love missionaries were about to go door-to-door for the first time. Everybody feels excitement mixed in with nerves, but the feelings are more intense when it is your first year.

This morning was no different. With the hours of training and practice over the weekend, the missionaries were prepared to go out into the field. They have the knowledge of what to do and say; now it was time to go to Provo and use their knowledge to spread God's Word. The Truth in Love leaders reminded all of the missionaries that sharing God's Word is not about us, but focusing on the power of His Word and His presence.

The Lord provided wonderful opportunities to proclaim His message.

A small group of young adults was sitting under the shade of a tree. They called out to the Truth in Love missionary to come over and visit. One of the young men was a former Marine who returned home from Afghanistan six months ago. He told the missionary that he was an atheist for two reasons. First, he saw enough evidence of evil in Afghanistan to convince him that God cannot exist.  Second, four years ago his brother died tragically in a car accident on Halloween night. The LDS church told him that he died because he must not have been worthy. Our hearts break for this young man.

One young man eagerly greeted two Truth in Love missionaries at his door.  He served on a two-year LDS mission in Korea. They spent two hours comparing the teachings of Mormonism with what the Bible teaches to be true. One of the Truth in Love missionaries is a pastor and he received the opportunity to uncover the real Jesus Christ. They scheduled a return visit in two days.

Another group of missionaries received a divine appointment when they were able to share Biblical Christianity with an LDS man who really seemed to soak in all of the information. We are thankful that the Lord prepared his heart for our message. We look forward to keep in contact with this man in the weeks ahead.

A young LDS woman had tears in her eyes when our Truth in Love missionaries shared with her the Biblical concept of grace.  "Jesus loves you. Have faith in Christ. Believe in His promise that all of your sins are forgiven right now and don't let anybody tell you different."

Early in the afternoon, Truth in Love missionaries came across an LDS man who honestly stated, "I don't believe in the teachings of Mormonism. I drew away from the LDS Church because of its unnecessary burdens. I no longer want to invest my time trying to fulfill all of their requirements so I can be a worthy Mormon. But, my wife remains very faithful to the LDS Church. I don't want to lose her, nor be rejected by my family."  He did not want any further contact with the missionaries, because he wanted to stay in the culture of the Mormon Church.  We pray for this young man and hope that the seeds planted will grow into faith in the true Jesus Christ.

One group of missionaries had a thrilling "Yahtzee" moment.  Just like rolling five-of-a-kind on your first roll, they received a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel at the first house they visited in the morning. It was thrilling! The LDS couple expressed great interest to hear their message and look forward to future contacts with the missionaries.

Jake, Dick, Bert and Carl
Jake, Dick, Bert and Carl

Finally, a missionary team came across two men who were installing high-speed internet at an older house. One of the installers took an interest in what the missionaries were sharing in the neighborhood.  At the same time, his partner came down with heavy sweat and covered with pink installation foam. The man pointed to his partner and said, "This kid is so lost and so messed up that he needs to hear your message."

Amanda, Jerry, Wendy and Gloria
Amanda, Jerry, Wendy and Gloria

One of the biggest challenges of going door-to-door in Provo is the number of times a Mormon states, "We believe the same as you do!" It can get quite frustrating. Whenever this happens, we embrace these opportunities by patiently taking the time to explain the differences by focusing on defining key words like forgiveness, redemption, and Christ's completed work on the cross. In many ways, this is the first time they are hearing true Biblical Christianity from the mouths of Christians.

What a joy to be God's messengers!