16 Hours – Joyfully Exhausted!

Written by Daryl Schultz


During this week, 16 hours were spent sowing seeds.  A group of twenty missionaries sowed these seeds in Provo and American Fork, Utah.   As the missionaries head back home, I’m sure friends and family will ask…”did any LDS convert?” or “have we seen any results yet in people coming to faith in Utah?”   Usually my responses to these questions are… “It is in God’s hands” and “we may never fully know the results”.   If you stop to think about sowing grass seed in your lawn, sowing the seeds to LDS in Utah is similar.  Picture yourself with a big bag of grass seed.  You take a handful of seed and spread it around your yard.  It could take you only minutes to sprinkle those seed over a large area in your yard.  Those seeds may sit dormant for a time until just the right conditions happen to make that seed crack open and start to sprout.  We usually don’t see this sprouting ourselves because it is intermixed with all other grass in the lawn.  These seeds also depend on water and nutrients.  God may send the rain or lead someone other than the original missionaries to water that seed.  There may be yet another person that adds the nutrients, such as hiring a lawn service to add fertilizers.  Yet another person could come along and spot spray the weeds that grow around the new seedlings so that the weeds don’t overtake the seedlings.  Once that sprout turns into a young grass blade, there would be yet another person that comes regularly to cut and trim the grass to keep it healthy.   So it may be only minutes to sow the seed, but will take weeks, months, or years for that grass to grow, and we still may not be able to see that blade of grass out from the rest.

So missionaries will not know which seeds will grow and which will not grow.  There is nothing we a humans can do to cause that sprouting and growth.  It really is in the hands of God.  Occasionally, we are blessed with hearing a story that lifts our spirits that God is blessing the work.  For example, recently someone responded to TILM based on some information on the LDS that was written almost twenty-five years ago.  It is nice to hear these stories, however, it truly is in God’s hand and in His own time table.

This week, the 16 Hours seemed like a very long time.  The hot hours spent in the various neighborhoods.  There were many doors, many faces and many discussions.  These 16 Hours, however, are just a very, very small bit of time in the grand span of our lives.  Now we pray that God will watch over these seeds.  We pray that God sends more gardeners, lawn services, irrigators, and mowers into the paths of these seeds to help them grow.    The 16 Hours spent were very exhausting for the missionaries, but yet it has been a joyful experience to be a part of God’s work.  At the end of the week, all the missionaries rejoice that we are “joyfully exhausted”!

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