Why Are You Going to Heaven?

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Most Christians will say because they believe in Jesus. Good answer. After all the Bible says we are saved by faith alone. When you ask them to be more specific, many will talk about Jesus dying for our sins. Again, a good answer. But there’s a more complete one.

Jesus’ death paid our debt of sin. It is the basis for God’s forgiving us. It freed us from an eternity in the horrible prison of hell. Technically, however, it didn’t make us eligible for heaven. We need to be perfect to be in God’s presence. Perfection is more than the absence of sin. It requires the presence of righteousness.

 And this is something we also receive when we connect ourselves to Jesus through faith! Faith connects us not only to Jesus’ sacrificial death for us but also to his perfect substitutionary life. Through faith, we get the credit for his perfect love, his perfect prayer-life, his perfect trust – in other words, his perfect life. It’s his 33 years of perfection credited to our account through faith which makes us worthy for heaven.

This is a great point to make when witnessing. We have come up with a simple way of doing it. We call it the hearts test. Here’s a link to a brief video demonstrating it.

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