What’s Your Purpose for Being on Earth?

This is a question Mormon missionaries often ask people. It’s a very important one to Mormons. Mormonism says the reason we are on earth is to be tested. It says we must prove we can resist bodily temptations in order to continue our eternal progression.

Even though we don’t agree with their answer, we agree it is an important question. How would you answer it?

Many Christians hem and haw in answering. It’s obvious they haven’t thought much about it.

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I would like to refine the question a tad bit. Why does God keep you on earth once you have been brought to faith? Why not take you immediately to heaven?  After all, heaven is so much better. And since Jesus has paid for all our sins, we don’t have to stay on earth to suffer. So why not take believers immediately to heaven?

There’s one main reason God doesn’t. He keeps us here to be his ambassadors to our sin-fallen world; to be a light in this sin-darkened world. As Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave his church one overarching commission: to make disciples of all nations.

This terrifies the devil. Therefore, he has initiated an all-out misinformation campaign to distract us from our mission. He tries to convince us that nobody will be interested in the gospel. He tries to use good things like family, friends, jobs, hobbies to distract us from it. And he regularly whispers in our ear that we aren’t qualified to witness.

It’s this last tactic that I want to address.

On the one hand, we need to remember that a person coming to faith doesn’t depend on our eloquence or perfect presentation. The Holy Spirit is the one who brings people to faith and he can powerfully work through even our stumbles and babblings.

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On the other hand, God tells us to be prepared to give an answer to the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15). Talking about God’s great love deserves careful preparation. That’s why I’m excited about our new online video course, Build Bridges Not Barriers. In ten brief lessons, it gives you countless practical tips and helps for witnessing. It is the accumulation of lessons learned in over three decades of talking with Mormons. These lessons don’t just apply to sharing Jesus with Mormons either. They apply to any situation.

I invite and encourage you to take the time to click the link below and check it out. Sharing the gospel is the reason why our loving Lord leaves us on earth. This means sharing the gospel deserves our spending time in careful preparation.

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Sharing the gospel is so important!  And it’s so rewarding! It’s the most rewarding activity on earth. So, be prepared to build bridges and not barriers to Mormons and to everybody else.



You are Christ’s ambassadors. This week’s witnessing tip takes a deeper look into how we help to prepare ourselves, in the Word, with the Word, and occasionally with each other.

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