Meanings Matter

Sometimes the same word has different definitions. “He hit the ball with a bat.” It would be cruel if you were thinking of the winged, nocturnal animal. “She was chosen as the lead.” That’s not a complement if you’re referring to the type of metal within a pencil. “He lied on the bench.” Is he resting or telling something untruthful?

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Meanings matter. Context often provides clarity. A different frame of reference will influence understanding.

Mormonism lowers the view of Jesus.

This perspective dramatically impacts the perceived meaning of words.

For example, Mormonism describes Jesus as “God’s only begotten Son.” On the surface it sounds Christian, but the meaning is diminished. According to Mormonism all are raised up as spirit children of Heavenly Father and Mother. Jesus is our literal brother. He’s considered a god, but he’s distinct and inferior to the Father.

Mormonism describes Jesus as “Savior.” While this sometimes refers to saving us from physical death, more often it reduces his role to a mere example. Since Mormonism teaches that people have divine potential, they’re taught they can follow his example. Reducing Jesus gives burdens rather than removes them.

Mormonism describes Jesus as “Redeemer.” Since Mormonism emphasizes that you can follow Jesus’ example, they don’t believe he set us free by removing our debt of sin. Instead they believe he refinanced our debt, but we still have to pay the entire debt to him.

Mormons are often hurt when others say they worship a different Jesus. Mormons contend that their focus is on the same historical Jesus. They even use many of the same terms to describe him. Yet the frame of reference they’re given elevates humans and diminishes Jesus. This changes in complete substance of who Christ is.

So, who is Jesus? A low view sees Jesus as a good teacher. A high view calls him the Son of God and Savior. Mormonism uses high view terms with low view definitions.

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This is why it’s important for Biblical Christians to emphasize a high view of Jesus.

Focus on the comfort of knowing that God is so much greater and yet he loves us each personally. Help Mormons see a new perspective through your eyes and a Biblical understanding will follow .

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Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say I am?” (Luke 9:20). Peter knew the greatness of Jesus’ power and love. This led him to confidently confess meanings that mattered: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16).

Many still wrestle with Jesus’ question. You know he’s your complete substitute who set you free. You marvel at his unlimited power and unconditional love. You know who Jesus is because you have a personal relationship with him. And you are uniquely positioned to share meanings that matter.

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