The Path to Your Potential

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“Achieve greatness.” “Be the best you can be.” “Unleash your full potential.” The list goes on. Countless motivational speakers rally people on the path toward becoming their best selves.

It’s hard to argue. No one celebrates mediocrity nor should we. Yet the path of humanism teaches you to look within yourself.

When do you know you’ve arrived? After all, you can always strive to do better. You can add more goals. You can always learn more. Where does it end?

It never ends. This is why it’s packaged with encouragements: “Don’t give up!” “Stay positive.” “Just keep trying!” Pull back the veneer and you’ll discover it’s just a path promising potential without the power to achieve it.

Our Mormon friends are on a similar path. They are taught as spirit children of Heavenly Father you are born with divine potential. They also believe God doesn’t give commands you can’t keep (cf. 3 Nephi 3:7). Divine potential + “be perfect” = crushing despair.

In an effort to ease the pressure, Mormonism moves the goal posts. It teaches you will have more time in a spirit world after this life to reach perfection.

You can extend the timeline. You can add endless encouragements. You’re still on an impossible path that depends completely on you.

Imagine you’re trying to get to a wedding party but you don’t have the address. After frantically searching you finally stop to ask for directions. The first person doesn’t even know about the party. He tells you not to get discouraged. Another who has heard about the party says she thinks it’s still a long way off. Still another tells you to just keep trying. There’s no hope in their well-intentioned advice. It all depends on you.

These directions will get you nowhere. You’re lost. You need to call someone at the wedding party for help.

With Jesus driving, you’ll never have to doubt about whether you’re going to get there.

Friends, when you cry out for help, Jesus doesn’t just send you GPS directions and wish you luck. He wants to make sure you never get lost again. He left the party and came to pick you up. With Jesus driving, you’ll never have to doubt about whether you’re going to get there.

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“Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it” (Mark 8:35). Are you focused on grabbing greatness or attaining achievements? If so, then you’re still driving on a path that will never reach the potential you’re seeking. True greatness will always seem out of reach.

However, if you focus on what Jesus has done then you realize you’re complete. There is no higher status than the perfection he has already won for you. Now your focus is to use your gifts to the best of your abilities out of thanks. Now you live to make his name great.

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Are you on just another potential path or are you on the only path which leads to your potential? If Jesus is in the driver’s seat, you’ve already discovered your full potential in him. Invite the lost you meet to catch a ride with him and join the party. 


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