Watched or Wanted?

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Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? A supervisor who is always looking over your shoulder doesn’t inspire confidence. In fact, that type of micromanagement reflects distrust. The focus on power distance that might lead you to second guess yourself.

 That reminds me of a very harsh leader who was only concerned with the end result. He said to his team, “You’re just dogs pulling my sled. If you don’t like it, there a plenty of other dogs out there who are willing to pull.” Needless to say, it would be painful to work in such an environment.

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By contrast, when someone empowers you they also honor you. They respect that you play an important part in the plan. As a member of the team you step forward with courage. You do your best motivated by love rather than fear.

Which better reflects our relationship with God? Is God watching your performance or does he personally pursue you? Are you being watched or are you wanted? The way you answer reveals your relationship with him.

Mormons are encouraged to focus on outward activity. One recent article entitled “You Really Can Make A Big Difference” states: “The heavens are watching you, and the earth is waiting for you.” Watching and waiting. All eyes are on you. That message is deflating. It indicates that God is more interested in what you do rather than who you are.

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Imagine an orphan who desperately wants to be adopted. Every night he goes to bed dreaming about a family who would welcome him. One day a couple comes and agrees to take him in for a month on the condition that his behavior is good enough. He would try his very best, but in the back of his mind he would always be worried about whether he was good enough. Deep down he would crave a love that would accept him simply for who he is.

Biblical Christianity reveals that very picture of God’s unconditional love. “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine” (Isaiah 43:1). He made you. He takes you, broken as you are. He doesn’t watch from the sidelines. He stepped into our world. He doesn’t wait for you to become worthy of his love. You already have it.

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How can you be sure? He “redeemed” you. He is the one who changes our status. There’s no more wondering where you stand with him. Why? So he could “call you by name,” and have a personal relationship with him. What’s the result? “You are mine.” You can step forward without fear knowing whose you are.

Are you watched or wanted? Many of our Mormon friends are taught they’re being watched. It may feel like God is looking over their shoulder always checking to see if they’re good enough. It’s devastating. Deep down they just want to be loved.

Friends, you have a completely different relationship with Jesus. You belong to him. You already know his love. You also know that his love extends to our LDS friends. How can God use you to help them discover they too are wanted by him?

There are so many different ways that God can use you to share his love. Go to to get started today!

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