The Changes in Mormonism are Only Cosmetic

Last January, Russell M. Nelson became the president and living prophet of the LDS Church. Although in his 90’s, he has instituted a number of changes to the Mormon religion. Among them are things like ending some Mormon church pageants, shortening the Sunday schedule from three to two hours; and rearranging the way the local churches were structured. All these changes have created quite a stir among the membership.

But they are all administrative and policy changes. None deal with doctrine nor Mormon beliefs. In fact, the last doctrinal change was made in 1978 when blacks were admitted to the priesthood. This is surprising seeing Mormonism makes quite a point of declaring that its prophet receives direct revelation from God. But, for the last 40 years, the only thing the LDS Church has claimed as new revelations are these simple administrative changes!

These cosmetic changes have confused some people into thinking that the LDS Church is truly changing. But it hasn’t. Its teaching remains the same. The December 2018 issue of the Ensign contains a vivid example. One of their apostles, Jeffrey R. Holland, while writing about these changes quotes Joseph Smith who said: “You have got to learn how to be gods yourselves.” This quote jumps off the page because so many LDS members push back about Mormonism saying they can become gods. The mantra today is they can “become like God” implying they really don’t believe they can become a god. Mormonism, however, as last month’s Ensign again demonstrates, clearly teaches they have “to learn to be gods” themselves.

Nothing of substance has changed.

Including the pressure it puts on its members to work themselves back into God’s presence. The Joseph Smith quote continues with the picture of a person climbing a ladder step by step to learn all the principles of exaltation. (Exaltation, in Mormonism, equates to godhood.) In the same vein, Holland wrote about becoming like God: “We knew that it was staggering goal that would never be easy to achieve.”


It’s a staggering goal which many of our Mormon friends are staggering under. Many don’t even know if they are good enough to live in God’s presence, much less worthy enough to become a god!

Mormonism still places heavy burdens on its members.


Friends, please see that nothing has changed in Mormonism. Either in its doctrine or in its burdens. See that it remains the same - with the same urgent need for Mormons to hear the wonderful message that Jesus carried the heavy sack of their sins to the cross and completely paid for them there.

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Mark CaresComment