A Look Through the Tears

Today's blog is from guest blogger, Marilyn Buelow. Marilyn spent a week in Utah sharing the great news of a God who declares us perfect now, because of Jesus! She shares some of her experience here with us. 

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As missionaries for a week in Utah, we soon realized a lot of tears are involved. As part of our training, a couple of ex-Mormons spoke to us. As we listened to their stories, this was our first encounter with tears. It was very emotional to hear how their lives changed from concern about themselves to praising the Lord. Hearing how, in Mormonism, they viewed God as distant, as a “cold” Heavenly Father and then learning that he was a loving, close God was emotional for them – and for us. By the end of their talk, we were all crying with joy because they had learned the truth about a loving God and were still awed by it to this day.

While we were out on the streets in the following days, there were many more tears shed. Some of the people shared the gospel with people who cried out of hopelessness. Imagine their joy as they heard that Jesus came for sinners. Imagine the joy of being able to proclaim that wonderful message. One team visited a gentleman who started crying shortly after hearing their gospel message. He had lapsed in Mormonism and hadn’t been to church for a while because he knew he couldn’t fulfill all the requirements of Mormonism. But his conscience was weighing him down and he knew he should be going to church. That very morning, he had prayed that someone would come and explain to him the things he didn’t understand. He was so thankful to hear the message that Jesus had done it all for him. By that afternoon, we had connected him with a local pastor.

We met a few who knew the Savior already but were overjoyed to hear the message being spread “in Mormon land” where joy in the Savior has been so stifled. As one missionary observed, most of the people we talked to didn't look genuinely happy.

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What a privilege it has been to be instruments of the Lord here in Utah! We have seen firsthand how the Lord works. We are eye-witnesses of the power of the gospel. It has not only brought us to tears; it has given us great joy. And it has instilled in us a new attitude, as we have come to appreciate all the more the wonderful things God has done for us.

But you don’t have to come to Utah to experience this. You can experience this whenever you share the good news of God’s love. There are hurting people everywhere. May we all see through tears – tears of compassion and joy.