The Best Day of My Life

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The best day of my life will be when I meet my Maker – either when I die or on Judgment Day. I know my loving Lord will warmly welcome me. All pain and suffering will be a thing of the past. An endless future of joy and glory will lie before me. It will be greater than anything we can imagine. Being glorified and perfected, living in a perfect society, and especially dwelling with our awesome God – just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

I can be so confident because my eternal glory doesn’t depend on anything I have done. It was completely earned by Jesus for me. It’s a done deed. That’s why I can be so confident.

Most Mormons don’t have such confidence. The majority look upon it with a great degree of uncertainty. Or with dread. Understandably so. Because where they spend eternity mainly depends on what they do.

This is often difficult to discern because Mormons will also talk about Jesus saving them. “Saving” in Mormonism, however, doesn’t mean they will live with God in heaven. In Mormonism, “salvation” is usually equated with resurrection. Jesus conquered physical death enabling them to return to God’s presence to be judged. But to remain in his presence and live with him depends on their works and worthiness.

This makes standing before God on Judgment Day a major stress point for many Mormons. Even though Mormonism teaches that practically everybody will end up in one of the lesser two kingdoms of heaven, this doesn’t take the pressure off many Mormons. In fact, I have had more than one Mormon tell me they don’t even think of the lesser kingdoms as being part of heaven.

Judgment Day then becomes a good topic on which to focus when talking with Mormons. Ask them how they view it. Ask them what questions or comments God will make as he judges them. Ask them what the qualifications are for living in God’s presence.

Also, share your total confidence that you already know the verdict. Tell them about your eagerness to meet your Maker. And then give Jesus all the glory. State how he kept all the commandments perfectly for you. Stress how his death wiped always all your sins.

Turn the stress point of Judgment Day into a rest point in Jesus.

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