Please Open the Door is an initiative of Truth in Love Ministry.  We are a Christian ministry devoted to sharing the truth of God’s Word with Mormons with love and respect. Please open the door to LDS missionaries.  Open it to show them God’s love and share with them Chris’s work.  Open it with confidence and joy in the eternal life won for you by Jesus.

This site explains to Mormons how we can meet God’s standard of perfection through Christ’s one sacrifice.  It gives you an example of some in-depth witnessing.

This site witnesses to LDS women through stories.


Latter-day Saint Woman-Becki’s Blog

Becki concentrates on witnessing specifically to LDS women.  She extensively references LDS sources.  Her posts can also give you wonderful examples of effective witnessing.  New content is no longer being added to this blog, but there is a wealth of archived items that will always be relevant, informative and helpful in your witness.


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