Truth in Love Ministry conducts media outreach campaigns each year to invite Mormons to read and hear the true message of Jesus Christ found in the Bible.  From television to billboard advertisements, direct mailings to newspaper advertisements, bus shelter ads to internet advertising, these campaigns invite Mormons to one of two websites developed by our ministry.

Each advertisement utilizes the Truth in Love approach and is produced by experienced graphic artists. Each message contains wholesome images and are written utilizing terminology familiar to Mormons while introducing truths from God’s Word.

In conjunction with the media outreach campaigns, trained Truth in Love missionaries go door-to-door to extend personal invitations to the websites while sharing a brief gospel message. The goal of these campaigns are to plant the seeds of God’s Word trusting that the Holy Spirit will grow these seeds into saving faith according to his timetable.

At least one major campaign will be conducted in Utah every summer along with several mini-campaigns scattered across the western United States.

The following are a list of campaigns Truth in Love Ministry has conducted:


Newspaper ad in 2014  2014 Newspaper Ad

Las Vegas

Davis and Salt Lake County, Utah

Prime-time television advertisements over 1,750 times on major cable tv channels in Davis County and West Salt Lake.
Full-length ads on eleven bus shelters in West Valley City
Two direct mailings to 20,000 households
Two half-page ads in Sunday edition of Deseret News 2013 Newspaper Ad
Four half-page ads in Sunday edition of Salt Lake Tribune
Internet advertisement on Google and Facebook

Utah county (Provo, Orem)

Prime-time television advertisements over 1500 times on major cable TV channels
Full-length ads on seventeen bus shelters for eight weeks
Direct mailing to 11,000 households
Internet advertisements on Google and Facebook

Six counties in Eastern Idaho

Five billboards in Pocatello, ID
Newspaper insert in Idaho State Journal
Direct mailings to 5200 households