Mormonism teaches a person sins only if they consciously and deliberately disobey one of God’s commandments. This includes when a person fails to act in a righteous manner despite having the knowledge of what is good and right. Mistakes, errors, or lapses of judgment are not necessarily sins that require repentance. Mormons are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and use them as opportunities to grow and mature in the faith. Mormonism does not teach that humans have a sinful nature. LDS teachings refrain from calling people sinners, but attempt to create a more positive view by focusing on the divine potential of humans.

Biblical Christianity teaches:
Sin is humankind’s attempt to dethrone God and put themselves on the throne. God has established a law and a perfect standard for man to follow. Sin means to “miss the mark” of perfection. Sin can occur in works, words, or thoughts. It can be a conscious and deliberate action, or be done out of ignorance. Either way, even one sin ruins perfection and the consequence is death (James 2:10). Every person must solely rely on God for salvation from sin.