A Mormon will refer to Jesus Christ as Redeemer since He paid the debt of all sin through His Atonement. As a result, Mormons believe that all people are redeemed from physical death and will be resurrected to appear before Heavenly Father on Judgment Day. Mormons believe that Jesus has paid off the ransom of sin and has given the possibility of being redeemed from their sins based on the condition of obedience. This includes exercising their faith and being valiant in their efforts to carry out the process of repentance.

“Because we are accountable and we make the choices, the redemption from our own sins is conditional—conditioned on confessing and abandoning sin and turning to a godly life, or in other words, conditioned on repentance.” (Gospel Topics: Redemption,

Biblical Christianity teaches:
Jesus Christ paid the ransom price that God’s law demanded by suffering and dying on the cross. This payment redeemed the world from the consequence of sin. Faith, based solely on Christ’s perfect obedience, is the instrument that receives the full payment of their sins. (Col. 1:14)  Believers who trust in the completed work of Christ are forgiven of their sins and debt free.