Obedience is the hallmark of the LDS Church. All of God’s blessings are dependent upon one’s obedience. (D & C 130:20-21) In the Mormon pre-mortal life, Heavenly Father established a plan for His spirit children. This plan gives every spirit child an opportunity to exercise its divine potential and be worthy to inherit exaltation — and become a god. The process of reaching a spirit child’s divine potential begins by receiving a physical body and completing a time of testing on earth. Obedience during this time of testing on earth is fundamental to a person’s eternal progression.

Finding or achieving happiness in this life and in the eternities is not only the desire of Heavenly Father, but also the pursuit for every faithful Mormon. Obedience to the commandments of the LDS Church is the only way that pleases God and leads a person to true happiness. Eternal rewards are available to all people who choose to exercise their agency wisely and be obedient.