A Mormon can receive justification of their sins by faithfully carrying out a process of repentance and steadfastly obeying and doing all they can to follow the laws and commands of the LDS gospel. Through a Mormon’s obedience, they can receive the gift of grace from Jesus Christ who satisfied the law of justice by paying the penalty that the law requires for our sins. The LDS teachings on the concept of justification are not a part of their core doctrine and largely unfamiliar with most Mormons.

“To be pardoned from punishment for sin and declared guiltless. A person is justified by the Savior’s grace through faith in him. This faith is shown by repentance and obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. Jesus Christ’s atonement enables mankind to repent and be justified or pardoned from punishment they otherwise would receive.” (Gospel Topics: Justification, lds.org)

Biblical Christianity teaches:
This courtroom term describes God’s action of declaring people not guilty. When Jesus offered His perfect life as the punishment for our sins, God removed the verdict of guilt and replaced it with the righteousness of Christ. No person can be declared innocent by observing the law (Romans 3:23). Only by faith, people receive the verdict of “Not guilty!” and are acquitted of their sins.