Mormons do not utilize or exhibit the symbol of the cross in their meetinghouses or homes, nor wear them as jewelry. “But because the Savior lives, we do not use the symbol of His death as the symbol of our faith.” (True to the Faith, p. 46) ┬áMormons prefer to focus on the fact that Jesus lives and they are called on to follow the example of His life.

As the cross is an important symbol for Christians, the symbol of a Mormon’s faith is the temple. The cross reminds Christians of God’s completed work on their behalf. The focus is on Christ’s perfect obedience and His substitution. A focal point of a Mormon’s faith is on their life of obedience. A symbol of their worthiness in following Jesus Christ is a temple recommend. This will allow faithful Mormons access inside an LDS temple. As a result, Mormons will often hang portraits of the temple inside their home as a symbol of their obedience and commitment.