Dictionary of Mormonism


A brief reference guide to common terms of the LDS Church

To know the teachings of Mormonism is to understand its terminology.

One of the greatest barriers in sharing God’s Word with Mormons is not taking the time to understand their unique language. Not only have they coined words and expressions distinctive to Mormonism, but they also utilize common words familiar in Christian theology. At first-glance, the differences appear subtle. Yet when compared to the teachings of biblical Christianity, the differences are drastic. So much so, we refer to the language of Mormonism and the use of these common Christian terms as “Mormonese.”

This short dictionary will help you get started in learning the language of Mormonism. The primary focus of this dictionary is on words that are not only common in their usage, but also the most helpful to bringing a Mormon to heaven. For many of the key words, we include a brief review on how biblical Christianity defines these terms.

The definitions for every LDS word are intentionally brief and meant to be user-friendly. Quotes and references used in the dictionary come from well-known LDS sources, including True to the Faith. This small book published by the Mormon Church contains definitions of key terms and is one of four essential books carried by Mormon missionaries today. While you read the definitions, it is highly recommended to cross-reference each term in order to grasp its full meaning.

Learning the language of Mormonese is essential when a Christian desires to share God’s Word with a Mormon. It will help them in the following ways:

  1. Reduce anger, confusion, and frustration by understanding the different uses of the same word.
  2. Provide an answer whenever the Mormon readily agrees on a certain subject.
  3. Begin a meaningful conversation with a Mormon.
  4. Share God’s Word in a way that a Mormon can fully understand.

We pray this dictionary will be a blessing and help prepare many Christians to share God’s Word with Mormons. We recommend the following article that provides examples on how to use this dictionary in our witness.

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