Keeping the Commandments Perfectly

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President Monson, Where’s Jesus?

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The Torture of Mormon Excommunication

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Mormonism’s Wobbly Foundation of Fickle Feelings


Giving Us Piano Lessons or Making Us Pianists?

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I Believe the Same Thing

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Be A Proactive Witness

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It’s true: The Bible does teach two ways to heaven

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Mormonism’s Version of Chinese Water Torture

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Are Christians Spoiled Children?

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Revelation above Reason or Reason above Revelation?

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The Just Shall Live by Faith – LDS Style

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Celebrate Easter by Being Guilt-Free

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Getting on the Same Wavelength or Should We Pray about the Book of Mormon?


Deadly Encouragement

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Eager to Have Your Day in Court

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The Fatal Attraction of Genealogy

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Finding Peace in Imperfection

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Address the Heart or the Head?

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“The Not Even Once Club” – Really?

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